Monday, September 11, 2017

Surges that Topped Hurricane, Terrorism, and Fire Power

As a nation we have witnessed a lifetime of surging, explosive power the past two weeks.

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The cautious have done their best to protect themselves and their loved ones, and while destruction may have followed in the wake, there are those who lived to tell their experience.

Although we wish we could help those who are no longer with us, our nation rises to help those who have survived. 

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So, we built a reminder of those who lost their lives to terrorism in the 9/11 attack a means to honor the fallen, the heroes, the families, the co-workers, and neighbors. 

Much more, we think about where we were at that time. I stood in a school with my class of third graders. How does one tell little ones a terrorist group attack our country? That was my first question after processing the information and wondering whether this was a War of the Worlds hoax or a vicious truth.

Dollars, cards, food, water, medical, prayers and encouraging words surged into New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon long after the tragedy. Songs were written inviting and proclaiming patriotism as one of the best ways to fight back.

What a truth. History cites fathomless cases proving ruthless acts serve to strengthen and unite rather than defeat and demoralize. Even events recorded in the Old Testament showed attacking armies stepped back in fear when they heard Israel's army shout their praises to God echo in the cities, valleys, and mountains.

Unity surges throughout our people this week. 

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We prove it by opening our homes for Hurricane Irma evacuees. Help clean flooded homes in the Hurricane Harvey aftermath. 

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Firefighters from all over the nation have been sent to help Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and more with devastating fires so powerful sparks leap across wide rivers kindling new fires.

Those of us who cannot go send what money we can, comfort those we know just by listening, and we pray. We guard the news, hungry for updates.

This week, although America has been pummeled, unity has surged. A surge that tops category 5 hurricanes, flood levels, and the strongest fire. A surge that overpowers terrorism. 

And no, this is not intended to be a sappy patriotic post. Haven't you is a proclamation of a unifying people helping in a time of need.

The theme verse from my college freshman class was so powerful, we kept it all four years and have remembered it long past our graduation:

How good and how pleasant it is 
for the brothers and sisters to live together in unity. 
Psalm 133:1 A song (Psalm) written by David.

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