Monday, August 21, 2017

The Golden Ring of 2017

What an exciting day. All you party poopers get on board! YOU ARE INVITED TO GET excited about the 2017 solar eclipse. 

I am sitting at my desk, at this very moment, with the sun in my eyes. Give me a second to slide my chair.  Good. 

I am a solar-powered person. I am a vibrant, speedy worker when the sun is up. But, when the sun goes down, seriously, I lose motivation.

Not today.

Not on the day of the eclipse. Not during that hour or so when the sun will "turn black". 

This is such an exciting day, only because we get to witness a rare event in our lifetime.

Okay, I know this post is going up on Tuesday, but I am writing it on Monday, so rewind your clock to yesterday and relive it with me.

My one daughter and her friend are driving six hours south and planning to stop at some cornfield to be in the zone.

My son is adjusting his commitments to drive north to a rest stop to be in the zone.

Friends from church are driving west instead of flying to where they want to be so they can be in the zone.

During one eclipse, I won't say which one, hubby was in the Air Force in one of those C whatever planes being transported to provide medical help in Turkey when the zone happened to be over Greece...just the time they flew in the zone. He said they crowded around the window to see.

Oh my goodness.

I had previously made a commitment for a mini writing retreat before I knew of this all important date and as a result won't be in the zone. Gack!  It's almost football season, we know how important it is to be in the zone...and I am not there! I'll be close but...yeah, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

This is still the morning, and I have great hopes that the zone will actually include me. I will be outside using proper eye protection and hoping to snatch a photo of the eclipse. And if I do, I will  add any updates to this post once I have news to report. 

I would like to witness the golden ring of 2017.

Not every rare event can be witnessed in a lifetime. I wasn't there for the creation of the earth, the great flood, didn't see Jesus when He walks the earth. I didn't step on the moon, say the first words into the telephone, witness the first spark of electricity through wires, or fly in the first plane. 

How exciting to witness a big event like the solar eclipse of 2017. 

The golden ring. 


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