Monday, August 7, 2017

New School Rule Causes The Children to Be Hungry

With all the allergies kids have today, schools are faced with a new problem: what to do when a child forgets his or her lunch.

Even up to the 2016 year schools offered a peanut butter sandwich to a child who forgot their lunch or had no money left in their lunch account.

Unfortunately, there are children with peanut allergies. A child with a severe peanut allergy can have a serious reaction if even near anything that contains the product or has been made in a factory that makes peanut products. 

Also, there seems to be many children who are now allergic to milk products. Since the school is not sure if a child might happen to have a milk product allergy, staff cannot give one who forgot his or her lunch any milk.

The current list of food related allergies has grown quite long.

So, for the safety of the child who has forgotten their lunch, some schools in the state of Arizona no longer provide food for these children. The whole day.

Horrible, you might say?

Well, to add fuel to the problem, the schools, feeling bad about this decision, have asked teachers to donate part of their salary to fund lunches for the children who forget their lunch or who have no money left in their lunch money account. 

Four different on-line sites report starting salaries for teachers in Arizona to be $34,000 or less. | | |

These teachers are also expected to supply their classrooms with supplemental materials. 

Arizona teachers are said to be among the lowest paid teachers in the U.S. in the sites listed above. 

So the choice has become this: the children who forget their lunches go hungry or the teachers must pony up part of their salary and have less to feed their own family because the district doesn't have the money.

Good grief. Talk about a conundrum. 

Somehow I have a feeling Arizona is not the only state with this issue.

What are your thoughts. Ideas. Suggestions.

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quietspirit said...

This is a real problem. Could there be teachable moments in this scenario? What if the child has this happen on a very regular basis? There could be an underlying issue.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I agree. I know a teacher in Arizona and she is the one who told me about this issue. They were informed at their staff meetings for this year.