Monday, July 3, 2017

The Most Unique Fireworks

We stumbled upon these unique fireworks.

In my book, yah couldn't get closer to the intent of this holiday than this show.

To the south of us is a lake. It's a long lake with cottages and houses on nearly every inch of shore. Behind postage stamp-sized properties, are more houses. Roads leading to each residence are twined like a mouse trap. Be careful or you may not find the way out!

Anyway, my family heard the boom booms from our house. We hopped in the car in search for what we hoped was a fantastic show. AND IT WAS!!

In route to a little park, big enough for four cars, fireworks burst overhead. Boom. Boom. One after another exploding brilliant blues, reds, yellows, and more. Popping as fast as pop corn. Then the sound stopped. The air filled with smoke. Car horns blared. People cheered. Toy horns honked. 

We looked for a place to turn around, thinking the show was over. But it wasn't.

A series of new fireworks burst overhead then cheers, horns, and sparklers. What was this? 

We drove through the narrow streets to a tiny park, stepped out of our car and nestled on the rocky shore ready to see a spectacular show. 

To our left fireworks burst into the sky and reflected on the lake. Cheers rang. Fireworks burst from the right. Cheers. Fireworks from behind us, up the hill. Cheers rang. 

The best I could figure, any cottage owner who wanted to purchase an arsenal of fireworks did. When one show stopped, another started. In-between the mini productions, those who only had a few to display, set off one or two fireworks. 

It was a concert. Orchestrated by none. 

Unified by all. Cooperation. 

Cheering as loud as the fireworks. The lake echoing she sound like an amphitheater. 

Hundreds of lawn chairs lined the shore. Wet towels on clothes line. Kids with wet hair huddled in sweatshirts and lit sparklers in their hands. 

Oh, my. 

What a difference from the show where people passively gather in large masses and watch one show put on by one company. Yes these professional shows are very impressive. They really are. Coordinated music, announcers, huge displays.

But this all community participating show...the one where everyone joins in with whatever they can, (and some did big time) ...this was exhilarating. Inspirational. Moving.

I like the idea that everyone gave what they could and participated. This is what the pilgrims did to form our country. No one expecting. Everyone giving.

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quietspirit said...

Mary: It really must have been something to see. Here in Indiana, the fireworks displays used to be only done by companies. No individual could have the type that went into the air. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I wish I could invite you so come see a community show. A friend who lives in Nashville shared on FB the same kind of community event near her home. And while driving home from a day trip on Monday, I saw fireworks that clearly were not professional shows, but looked like a whole lot of fun. Happy Independence Day :)