Monday, July 17, 2017

Fishing Blind

Photo by Mary Vee
I was surprised to see a fisherman out this morning. 

Thick fog hung over us and the lake. I looked out my window and barely saw the water. A small object came into view....this fisherman.

I wondered how he saw the narrow steep dirt path used by boaters to launch rowboats and canoes onto the lake. And how he chose this spot to settle.

He must feel chilled. The moist fog gives a sticky, cold feel to the skin. And he is out there alone.

At least an hour or more would have to go by before the sun warmed the air and dissipated the cloud.

Threading the worm on the hook had to be a challenge. Tracking the bobber after casting would be nearly impossible. He'd have to go by feel.

Not by sight.

Then again, a good fisherman doesn't need to see with physical eyes. Knowing when the fish bite, where they are likely to be, the temperature of the water, etc, is far more important. Based on knowledge and desire to do what is needed, the fisherman uses an inner sense to bring in a good catch. 

Oddly enough, when the mosquitoes are biting and the sun is low in the sky, that is a good time to fish. That is when there are row boats and canoes on our lake.


The Apostle Peter was a great fisherman. His catches brought in enough money to support his family and mother-in-law. One night, he and his fishing buddies sailed to all the right places, dropped their lines like always, and caught absolutely nothing. Not one fish. They rowed back to shore the next morning a bit bothered.

They didn't have hardly any work since the boat was empty. No lines to mend. No fish to sell. 

Off to the side a small crowd stood listening to a man speak. Peter had nothing else to do so, he walked closer and saw the man was Jesus. Jesus eyed Peter and asked him to push his boat into the water.

Peter waited for Jesus to climb in then shoved off a short ways. The water amplified Jesus' voice helping him to speak to more people. At the end of the talk, Jesus asked Peter to row out to deep waters and drop his nets.

As a professional fisherman, Peter knew the conditions weren't right for catching fish. He knew the idea was crazy, BUT "because You have told me to, I will." 

Within seconds of dropping the nets in the deep water, they weighed heavy, pulling on the side of the boat. Peter called his friends, "Come close. Help us! We're going to tip over!" The friends came. Amazingly, the catch filled both boats to capacity.

Sometimes things happen in our day that don't make any sense. We can't see the reasons, but as long as we follow God's instructions, the end result will be good.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: NotBySight


quietspirit said...

Amen to that. God takes care of our needs and gives us a few of our wants. Where would we be without His wisdom and His guidance?

Mary Vee Writer said...