Monday, June 12, 2017


It's rare to have post day fall on my birthday. This year it did.

Having a summer birthday had some interesting advantages. All my siblings, and there were several, had fall or winter birthdays. Since my parents didn't have much money, anything expensive for the family was given as a birthday present. Made sense, right? Yep.

So, when summer came and the brood needed an inflatable pool out in the backyard, it appeared as my gift. Too awesome. Well, we all couldn't fit in the smaller pool at one time, but we managed to have a ton of fun.

There was also a few other perks given to the birthday person in our family. The honored one could choose one place to celebrate, pick what was served for the family dinner, and they got out of chores. 

I usually chose to either go miniature golfing with Dad, he always beat me, or have the whole family visit Aunt Betty. She is a funny, make you feel-good-to-be-around-her person. Her personality is one I still aspire to reflect.

Is there one person that God has put in your life, even for a day who impressed you so much you just wanted to be around them, visit them, talk with them, do things with them, hear them laugh, see them smile?

These treasures are reminders for us of God's goodness and what life is like with Him.The closer our relationship is with God, the more we want to be around Him, visit with Him, talk with Him, do things with Him, hear Him laugh (yes, God laughs), smile with Him, etc. because we just have a good and memorable time.

We are blessed.

And today I am so happy to celebrate my birthday with you. Because today you are the special person who reminds me of God's goodness.

Usually I give away books from other authors at this celebration. This time, I want to share with you my first junior fiction book.  It is a mystery, has a spry boy character who has to solve a mystery, and includes veterans.

With summer time coming there are sure to be moments when the kids need something to do while traveling or inside due to weather. Here is an excuse to turn the TV and devices off to read a good story. Join the fun with William Worthington Watkins the III. Great for grandkids, nieces  nephews, etc., too. Prepare to laugh. Only $5.99 in paperback, also available for Kindle.


Someone took cookies from the church kitchen platter, and William wanted to know--no, he needed to know who did it. He and Grampa had spent all afternoon making those cookies for the shut-ins and now the plate was half empty. That night, a wounded war veteran living at the home for shut-ins bit into William's cookie then told a story about the guys in his unit. In that story, Willam heard something that glued all the clues together. Themes: truth and forgiveness Juvenile Fiction - Mystery - Humor - Veterans

Hope your day is filled with great weather, fun, laughter and maybe a bit of spunk ;)

This post has been brought to you by the one word-Celebrate


Caryl Kane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY! Have fun! May His blessings OVERFLOW with year!


quietspirit said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you.

Mary Preston said...


Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Caryl. I had an incredibly blessed day.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Cecelia. I had a really nice day.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Mary. I had a wonderful birthday.

Robin E. Mason said...

Happiest Birthday Mary!! <3