Monday, May 1, 2017

The Unexpected

Photo by Mary Vee - Desert flower, Tucson, AZ

We've all had something unexpected happen.

The best is when the unexpected is good, am I right?

Yah. I think so too.

Sadly, the reality is there are also a lot of bad unexpected things that happen to people around the world. Weather related, criminal, social, economical, and much more. I wish, how I wish I could do more than I already do to help. But having only two hands makes it tough.

Photo by Mary Vee, Michigan Sunflower

For today, though, let's talk about the good unexpected moments. Those times when someone or something completely surprises us.

Think presents.

Think opportunities

Think the sun peeking out on a rainy day.

Think the person who helped change a tire.

Think the check in the mail

Now that we're thinking about it, there were a lot of unexpected blessings that came our way over the course of our lifetime, right? All gifts from God.

Photo by Mary Vee  - Sea of Galilee

Let's have some fun and climb aboard a boat. This boat is docked on a sea.

Photo by Kit Bostrom

The Sea of Galilee. 

It's kinda crowded on this boat because all the disciples are on board with you. Scooch over. 

The winds tossed the boat side to side. Sailing didn't go very well. Everyone on board was pretty scared. Seemed the boat could capsize at any moment. It was a white knuckle ride until...

Photo by Mary Vee - Sea of Galilee
Jesus appeared. Not in the boat. He was walking on the water! 

He knew we were afraid. He left the mountains where He was praying to come and comfort us. 

Peter, you know how excited he always got, asked to walk out to Jesus. Seconds later, can you believe it, he climbed out of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus!! Amazing.

Unfortunately, Peter looked down. He wobbled side to side and slowly slipped into the water. We didn't know what to do. 

But Jesus did. 

Peter shouted, "Lord save me."

And Jesus did. Right before our eyes, Peter was raised up from the water!

Talk about the unexpected!! Jesus loves us so much, He is wherever we are, ready to comfort us.

While we weren't really on the boat with the disciples, I was on a boat crossing the Sea of Galilee in March. The sea was calm that day, and everyone on board knew--really knew Jesus was with us.  

So now, I am bursting with a God's blessing to share. 

A year ago, I received an unexpected email from a teacher in Kansas asking to use stories I'd written for a school play. 

She said she read the series I wrote about a missionary who lived in the early 1900's named Gladys Aylward. Gladys served in China most of her life. She is credited for spreading the Gospel to many small villages and saving the lives of many children caught behind enemy lines. Needless to say Gladys had an amazing life.

The teacher said the play would be held in April and invited me to come see it.

I wrote the date on my calendar all those months in advance and forgot about it. Eight months later I saw the note. With days to plan, hubby and I worked out the details to attend last Friday night's production, made reservations, and took off. The school was an eleven hour drive from where I live, but was so worth the drive.

Talk about an amazing blessing. The children did a great job telling Glady Aylward's missionary story. 

It's your turn. 
Let's talk about how God has sent this unexpected blessings.

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