Monday, May 15, 2017

That's Right. We ARE Entitled!

Sleeping Bear Dunes-Traverse City, MI, photo by Mary Vee
It's time to take back our lives!

Since the dawn of communication, I'm talking all the way back to Eve and Adam, persuasion and stretching the truth have become the core of communication.

Beware what you believe.

Hold on, don't run away. I'm not writing one of those "The Earth is Going to End" doomsday posts. Sheesh. Wouldn't that put me in the same boat?

What I'm trying to do is to cause all of us, me included, to consider what we hear/read/see before we jump on a bandwagon.

Not that long ago sayings like, "Do it Your Way" and "You Deserve" were the theme of commercials. Those phrases became a norm. A mantra for unions. An enticer for sales. The focus has been on me. Me. ME.

The current phrase, and this one is not so new either, is: "I'm Entitled."

Okey doke. Let's talk about what we are really entitled to.

BECAUSE JESUS died for us and took on the punishment for our sins, we are entitled to life everlasting.

BECAUSE I WORK, I am entitled to a paycheck.

BECAUSE GROCERIES ARE BOUGHT AND ORGANIZED IN THE KITCHEN, we are entitled to make meals for ourselves and our family.

BECAUSE I WEED THE GARDEN, I am entitled to the flowers and other vegetables that grow there.

BECAUSE THE SUN SHINES, you are entitled to feel warm.

BECAUSE I GO TO CHURCH and PRAISE GOD, I am entitled to feel blessed by God.

BECAUSE WE HELP OTHERS, we are entitled to feel happy.

BECAUSE GOD ESTABLISHED A SCIENTIFIC SYSTEM that placed the earth where it is, we are entitled to a habitable planet.

BECAUSE THERE IS AN APPROPRIATE BALANCE BETWEEN PLANTS AND ANIMALS, a system designed by God, we are entitled to breathable air.

BECAUSE A PERSON FOLLOWS THE RULES, he or she is entitled to not suffer consequences.

BECAUSE SOMETHING IS FUNNY, we are entitled to laugh.

BECAUSE GOD LOVES US, we don't have to fear what we are truly entitled to.

Help me out here, what else are we entitled to?

This post has been brought to you by the one word: TrulyEntitled

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