Monday, May 29, 2017

Kudos to the Turks

Let's talk about Turkey. The country, not the bird or the food.

Turkey happens to be the bridge county between Syria and European nations. 

You've probably heard about the Syrian refugees who've fled their country. Syrian men, women, boys and girls generally have fled their war torn country and headed north into Turkey with the goal of reaching Europe.

A while ago we talked about the Olympic swimmer who escaped Syria and saved the lives of those on her boat, also fleeing Syria, by pushing the raft many miles to shore. 

Today's thoughts go to the people of Turkey who have spent may liras helping the Syrians. If you could imagine a national budget that did not expect this need. Not only did this cost liras (the Turkish unit of money), but man power, education, water, food, the list is very long. Humanitarian aid was important to the Turkish people, but their pockets were only so deep.


In recent news, the Turks have magnanimously stepped up, beyond any expectation. They have built a new city for the war orphans. Over 900 children will be aided. Given a place to stay. Have schools to attend. Receive food and water.

Photo Courtesy: from BBC article
Four schools have been built in Orphan City, which means about 250 boys and girls per school.

Two story buildings built. Each unit will house 18 children plus a caregiver.

Okay, our minds hop to possible issues. Little Orphan Annie issues. I don't know the quality of care.

What I know is the children will have a roof over their head, a bed to sleep on, food and water, and education. They will have stability. Be able to make friends. 

And have a chance at a future.

Hopefully have a chance to understand that someone cared enough to help.

Hopefully ...well...I can hope...have a chance to know that there is a living God loves them.

If you want to read more about this here is the article: BBC News World in the Middle East

I am happy for the children.

Kudos to the Turks.

It's easy to give a few dollars here to help someone in need. It's difficult to give our time and space to the extent of a 24/7 aid. 

Aid isn't just food or water. Sometimes it's more than that. Sometimes it's assuring someone there is hope and a way of escape.

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quietspirit said...

Mary:Thank you for this information. I had no idea.

Milo Anderson said...

I like how your blog is all about positivity ! Failure is a way of learning , and i agree with what you have said. Thanks for sharing this !

Mary Vee Writer said...

You're welcome.
Thanks for stopping by.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Your welcome. Finding kernels of good in news is something I enjoy.