Monday, April 10, 2017

Two Gardens-The Moment God Intended in the Beginning

It's difficult for me to imagine what the Garden of Eden looked like. I have seen so many beautiful gardens both natural and tended by man. But none of them had lions, coyotes, or giraffes roaming. 

Photo by Mary Vee (representing Eden is this view from
the Mount of Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee)

The Bible tells us a bit about that garden. Adam and Eve didn't have to weed. There were edible plants and trees baring fruit. God walked with Adam and Eve, talking with them. Teaching them. Listening to them. Soliciting their opinions and discussing with them.

All of time was perfect.

Until they ate fruit from the one tree God said not to eat.

You know what happened from there. The sin committed, the deceiver revealed, the punishment proclaimed, and the first announcement, made by God, that a Redeemer would come.

Fast forward thousands of years to a different garden. One most likely located south of the first garden by one hundred or so miles. The name of this garden is Gethsemane. Following three years of teaching, listening, discussing, and showing God's true way, Jesus took his disciples to this place to pray.

Photo by Mary Vee - Garden of Gethsemane

The garden was much bigger giving a sense of seclusion. There wasn't a church next to it. 

Gethsemane has flowers, fruit baring trees (olive), and is beautiful to see. 

Jesus and His disciples weren't that far from the city walls, or the city gate He'd passed through on a donkey a few days earlier. 

The disciples were full from their meal and sleepy from their wine. He asked the disciples to keep watch and pray. Jesus went off alone to speak with His Father.

He prayed with His whole being. Sweat pouring down His neck and forehead. His muscles tight. He audibly groaned His concerns and uttered not fears but an unfathomable sorrow what would happen yet that night. No one had carried such an affliction in all of time, because no one ever could. Tears fell down His cheeks with each word He spoke with His Father. Blood seeped through his pores.

He knew what was coming.

He knew what had to be done. Without Him, everyone would remain in the hands of the Evil One.

Mankind changed time in the first garden, bringing destruction.

The Son of God changed time in the second garden changed time offering redemption to any who would believe.


This week, I challenge you to walk in a garden. Any garden. Only you and God. Make this a moment God intended in the beginning. A place where you long  to walk and talk with Him. The living God who loves you.


quietspirit said...

Mary: You use beautiful words in comparing the two gardens. Thank you for your thoughts. Blessings on you and yours.

Mary Vee Writer said...

And the same to you as well :)