Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Art of Fellowship-Israel Virtual Travel

What is the true art of fellowship? Let's isolate the question to find the answer.

When we are with a group of people? Probably not.

When we're with a group of people who think the same as we do? Not really.
  1. Because the activity may not be conducive to "fellowship"
  2. Because the conversation may not be one to enhance fellowship. (complaining, dissing, gossiping, etc)

Fellowship is that moment when a firm connection is made in the heart. A person doesn't even have to be present to have fellowship with you or you with her. It isn't romantic. It isn't emotional. Oh, ho, you think that's crazy? Consider this, 

Say a close friend of yours moved away years ago. You use to have a great deal of fun with her. Life and time has lessened the phone calls you use to make on a regular basis. You barely remember to exchange Christmas cards.

Then one day you go to the mail box. Yep we're talking snail mail, and inside the box, among the junk mail, is a 4 x 4 envelope with handwriting addressed to you. You don't even have to see the return address to know it's from this far away friend because you recognize the handwriting. 

You open the envelope and pull out a folded linen paper with nothing on the outside. On the inside, though, this friend has filled every inch of open space from the top edge to the bottom with small writing to squeeze in every word. 

You read the first sentence and are immediately transported, not back in time, but into fellowship. As you read the words you actually hear her voice in your head. Memories of times together that aren't even mentioned in the note are aroused. You laugh out loud even though she can't hear you. But is that true? Is it possible, this friend knew you would laugh at those words while she wrote them, which caused her to also laugh? Yes.

For me, I would be spurred to pick up my phone and call her, hoping like crazy that she will answer at the ridiculous hour I called. The fellowship continues next through voice.

And will remain in your mind long after the call is ended because you still have the letter.

And so also can be the fellowship with God through His Word. 

It's not necessarily an emotional moment, although there are times I am drawn to emotions. Laughter, sorrow, enthusiasm. Other times I just know He is here. Guiding me with His Words. Calming my anxiety with the perfect verses I've read in the Bible. Motivating me to get me out of bed with an exciting plan for the day. I sense Him. Right Here. With me.

How is it that I know it's Him?

The more I fellowship with God. The more I know His voice. Isn't that true when you truly fellowship with others? Two sisters getting together may not fellowship. A father and daughter may fellowship. The key is not physical connection. The key is more than kindred. The key is much more than simpatico which is understanding minds. The key is: one in heart.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Fellowship

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The countdown is in serious motion for the Israel trip. Wheels role in six days.

Can I be so bold as to ask for good weather? Yes, I will. Because it is difficult to experience all that is to be if the temperatures are cold. Rainy is not a problem, cold is. So if you will, please pray that there will be good weather in Israel.

I'd like you to come along, as a virtual tourist. If you want, join the group on Facebook: Click on this link not the photo: Inspired in Israel  


quietspirit said...

Mary: We can have fellowship with God through prayer and through devotions. Just this morning I had a time of sweet fellowship with Him a I studied my Lenten devotional. I settled something I needed to settle with my heart and with my Lord.

Mary Vee Writer said...

That is wonderful! Devotions can make such a great differences.