Monday, March 20, 2017

Not For Photos or Souvenirs

Sycamore Tree in Israel

My intent for travel to as many places as I can has been to see God's world, to take photos and buy souvenirs to help me remember the experience, and from there grow closer to God.

This time. This trip to Israel is far different. I'm not going for photos, although I will undoubtedly take hundreds. I'm not going for souvenirs, although I will surely buy some.

I am going with an open door to my heart, mind, and soul, to experience more closely those things I have read in God's Word.

The words in God's book are not stories. I prefer not to use the term, Bible Story, because it portrays that the telling is fiction. I prefer the term Bible event because the events happened. 

There is a father from my church who took his wife and sons on the last trip to Israel. He had his sons sit on the Temple stairs while in Jerusalem. That night he read from the Bible about the time Jesus sat on the Temple steps discussing with the priests. As the group toured Israel, this father had an opportunity to bring these events to life for his boys. The cost of the trip was surely worth the future investment.

This trip will be vastly different than other travels I've taken. Last weekend, my friend Diane shared how her trip to Israel made a change in her life. The weekend before, my sister shared her year-long work with missionaries in Israel and learning to ask venders to cut off the heads of chickens. 

This is a life changing trip and I am excited to see it happen. If you have a moment scroll back to be inspired by their words.

And, request to join our group in Israel. Each day I will be sharing from Israel. You get to stand right alongside as a virtual traveler. Here is the link:

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quietspirit said...

I am enjoying your trip to Israel. Thank you for inviting us along.