Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Treasure Too High To Set A Price-Israel Virtual Travel

The virtual trip to Israel will begin in ten days.

In truth, I have no idea what to expect.

I have done research. 
Read books. 
Asked questions.

But I have no idea what to expect.

Others have told me this is a trip I will never forget. While that tells me their enthusiasm and that they enjoyed their experience, it doesn't paint a picture. Not one I can see in my head.

I can assume the air will be dry, so I will take lotion.
I can assume the sun will burn my fair skin, so I will take sun burn cream.
I can assume their will be steps, hills, and other such surfaces to climb, so I will take comfortable walking shoes.
I can assume the nights will be chilly, so I will bring a sweater and a light jacket.
I can assume I will want to take notes, so I will take a journal.

I am feeling unprepared. 

Because a trip to Israel is much more that a sightseeing trip for me. I am not interested in seeing any of the places, in truth. I am interesting in experiencing something so epic, my heart will correlate to moments described in God's Word and new understanding will take place. 

That somehow the sand on my feet will propel my mind to the moment when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples.

Droplets from the Jordan River will propel my mind to the conflict in John's mind. He didn't feel worthy to baptize Jesus, knowing--he KNEW Jesus was God's Son, and yet being told by Jesus to baptize Him. The pull in John's heart to obey. How his hands must have shaken. How his voice struggle to speak. This man whose boldness accused Herod wavered in the waters of the Jordan and found the strength to obey. 

I feel as though I am standing in an empty room, waiting for the furniture to arrive. 

This trip to Israel will fill the room in my heart with gold and other treasures of a value too high to set.

Join me on this journey. I will be logging each day on a FB page dedicated to this trip. Click the link and click join.


quietspirit said...

As I remember reading on your FB page, you might want to take a scarf or a sun hat. The scarf for those places where other religions require it. The hat to keep the sun off your head.

Mary Vee Writer said...

You are so right. I bought a scarf that may not so much keep the sun off, but will cover all my hair and drape around my shoulders. It's a long one like what you might see middle eastern women wear. I think it's beautiful. Hubby will have a hat. :)