Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tackling Social Issues Through Stories

Writing about social issues meets an important need. We see how characters deal with bullying, addictions, abuse, and other issues in the safety of our home. We garner ideas to tuck away. God forbid any of you should face some of these issues. Whether you do or someone you know has, today's post is one to tuck away.

Today's guest is an author who has plunged into this field.

Tackling Social Issues Through Stories

In the past few years my faith has deepened. Actually it has grown quite a bit through the years I've written for the Christian market.

God led me to write inspirational stories in the late 1990s.

At first I ignored the nudge, but as the Lord so often does, he kept nudging me until I took up the challenge. And of course, he was so right. I found my writing home in the Christian market.

Several times in the past few years I've seen God actively working in my life. First, he gave me a story I had to tell. It became the first book in The Men of the Texas Rangers Series. The story is about human trafficking, and I knew it would be a difficult sale, but I didn't give up hope because there was someone out there who needed to read it.

I have felt that way about all my books in The Men of the Texas Ranger Series. The second book, Shattered Silence, is about bullying. He has given me passion about certain social issues and the desire to tackle them in a story.

When I ran for the president of American Christian Fiction Writers, I did because He wanted me to run. I did out of obedience, not really expecting to win. I had books contracted and I was already serving on the board as Volunteer Officer. I didn't envision myself as the president. I hated getting up in front of large crowds and giving a speech. But I won, and He assured me He would help me with giving the speeches. And He did. He is amazing.

My most recent journey with the Lord has me working on giving control over to Him. For so many years I tried to do everything by myself. I loved the Lord, but I didn't need Him. Or so I thought.

What has come home to me is that I can't do it alone anymore. That I can't do it without the Lord. Even knowing that, it has still been hard to give everything to Him. Not to worry. Not to forge ahead without considering what He wants me to do. As I've told people, I'm a work in progress, but with the Lord on my side, I can't go wrong.

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Thank you Margaret for joining us this weekend!

Reader, As Margaret said, we can't go these issues alone. We've all come across someone suffering from one of these issues. Perhaps they need a comforting word, and listening ear, a story. Perhaps the person is you. What issues can I pray for you? I have a listening ear, and God has answers. 

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