Monday, February 13, 2017

Splashing the World With Love

Remember the school Valentines Day party? Your mom bought Valentine cards she thought you'd like. She gave you something to write with and had you print the names of your classmates on the cards. The next day, the cards were delivered to homemade boxes sitting on each students' desk. The only part we as kids really cared about was the treats.

As an adult, Valentines Day takes on a different light.

Summer in Traverse City, photo by Mary Vee

Hubby sat at the dining room table yesterday and said, "How would you like to go to Traverse City on Tuesday?" 

Well, well, the man has learned to speak my love language: Time with him. Travel. Nature. Boats, water, sand dunes, groves, vines, light houses, yeah. God's creation. Score ten for hubby.

So while you are reading this post, I will be  out. At the lake, in the woods, on the sand dunes. But....

I have some idea starters for your Valentines Day. 

One friend said she has a birthday on Valentines, which make this an extra special day for her. She sends out Valentines to everyone she can think of, like most people do for Christmas. Her thought: Everyone should know they are thought of and cared about on Valentines. Hmmm. A good adaptation of the Elementary School Valentines celebration. 

I imagined how I would feel if my snail mailbox had a ton of valentines cards. Hallmark, brace for big sales, because I think this is an amazing idea. 

See the problem is, we usually wait for someone to think of us on Valentines. We girls expect our man, and even if they don't admit it, guys expect their woman to do or give something special. Show they were thought of and cared about on Valentines. My friend's idea takes the focus off of us and puts it on to others.

It may be late to blitz the planet with snail mail Valentines cards, but...

Ooo Here is an idea: Handing out Valentines cards along with a sandwich to a homeless person. Or.. my creative juices are moving, are yours?

Who could you real quick fire off a Valentines card to? Don't think mushy. Think care, concern, value, God's creature. A neighbor? A church family? A shut in?

Ooo so if you want to add your own fun, you could make a Valentines card for your pet and leave them a treat. 

Yah, know this could be a really fun day....and it wouldn't take any deco...little planning. BUT YAH GOTTA DO IT NOW!

And if you're reading this on Wednesday or Thursday, it's never to late to tell someone they are important, cared about, have value, and God loves them.

Now, here is one last idea. Author Courtney Walsh somehow got her hubby to help her make this incredible Valentines short You Tube Video. Want a laugh, an aww, a "oh that's sweet"? This is for you.

You are important. You have value. God loves you so much.
Happy Valentines
Mary Vee

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