Monday, February 20, 2017

An Amazing Olive Branch

An intriguing topic came up recently. A fun puzzle of sorts.

The olive tree produces a fruit that is eaten straight off the tree. It is also squished into a fine olive oil.

Olive trees grow in Italy (I know because I saw them on my visit there.) They also grow in the middle east and a gazillion other places.

Now, step into a time machine, and travel back to Noah's time.

The rains are falling from the heavens in torrents. The storm is so bad it floods the entire planet.

Days pass. Eight people are hiding in a boat floating in rising water. They feed animals. Eat meals. Talk. Listen to the storm. 

Then one day, to test if there is dry land to place their put feet, Noah sends out a bird. The bird flies back to him. There is no place for the bird to land. Noah waits then repeats the test two more times. The third time the bird comes back with

Wait for it

An olive branch.

How is it that an olive tree survived the flood?  A time when salt and fresh water mixed together. 

Could it be that God offered this olive branch to Noah and his family and all the people who would be born after him?


A sign that Noah and his family could safely come out of the boat.

Olive oil was a primary tool used to make bread and cook foods. It was extremely valuable. So much so, the Bible tells about a widow who didn't have money to pay her bills and would lose her sons. She was told by the prophet to borrow pans from all her neighbors then fill them with the meager oil remaining in her container. She pour and poured, filling every pan. She had so much oil she was able to pay all her bills and have food for herself and her sons.

Olive and it's oil appears many times in the Bible

A story of peace. A gift from a God who loves us.

This post has been brought to you by the one word-Peace.


quietspirit said...

Mary: This is quite interesting. We forget about the olive branch from Noah's story. Each of us searches peace for our heart, our families, our neighborhoods, for each segment of our government. I learned the hymn, "Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me" when I went to church camp as a 12 year old. I still love that song.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I forgot about that song. It is a good one. Thanks for reminding me. :)