Friday, January 6, 2017

One-Word Part-Two of the 2017 Party Still Going On!!

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It's still January, have you remembered to write 2017 instead of 2016? I usually don't until February rolls around.


There is something thrilling about welcoming in a new year. I can hear Marilla Cuthbert telling young Anne Shirley, "Oh stuff and nonsense. Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it." Good advice that fits a new year, eh?

2017 is a New Year with no mistakes.

So what will we do with this year? Think about something really fun that you would like to do this year. Make it at least somewhat doable. Now, write that idea down and tuck the piece of paper someplace safe. At the end of the year we'll pull that piece of paper out and hopefully be surprised that yes, fun things can happen in a year along with the trials.

Let's get started with this new 2017:


Three years ago, I introduced the concept of choosing a one-word to my readers here on Let's Talk. 

The directions:  choose one word to be your theme for the year. Post the word in a prominent place. Use this word as your goal word for the year. 

For example: If I choose the word "trust" 

*I might see my goal as learning to trust others 
*or I might see my goal as wanting others to trust me

So each day I would pray that God would help me grow in this area:

*During the day, I might say I need to trust God to get me to work on time, to help me do my best, to let my spouse complete a task without reminders/nagging, to still love me even when I sin, etc. 
*During the night, I might say I need to trust God to protect my children, my home, etc.

For this reason, choose your one-word wisely. Pray about your one word choice for this year. The goal is not to "succeed" but to improve that area of your life . . .  contrary to resolutions, mistakes ARE allowed!

Here are a few idea words for you to choose from. This is not an all-inclusive list. You may think of a word not listed here.  As I mentioned above, each word can have many definitions. The word you choose will have the definition you need.

Adventurous          Delight                 First              Noble               Resistant
Apprentice             Dependable         Giver            Organize          Responder
Brave                     Devoted               Heartfelt       Patient             Serious
Builder                   Disciplines           Helpful          Peace              Spunk
Care-ful                  Disciple               Hope            Praiseworthy    Still
Change                  Driven                 Humble         Prayer              Thankful
Cheerful                 Empower            Include          Productive        Trust
Childlike                 Encourager         Joy                Purify
Compassionate      Endure               Listen            Quiet
Concern                 Engage              Lovely            Rejuvenate
Courage                 Enjoy                 Manager        Relax
Crystal                   Faithful               Motivated       Release

This was my one word for 2014

This is what I chose for 2015:

And here is what I chose for 2016:

As I look back on each one, I see how each was the right choice for the time. A plan God had for me.
Here is your assignment: think about what you would like to have for your one-word for this year. I have mine. I'll post this next week.

ALSO--I'll make a jpg styled to what you list as your one-word again this year and email it to any of you who want to play along. 

The design will be changed to distinguish this year's from previous ones. Please indicate your one-word in the comments AND your email address. Thanks!

Are you ready to give the One Word Challenge a try? I hope so. I'll tell you mine next Tuesday.

I am so excited for 2017 and what God has for all of us. 

May your new year be immersed in blessings. I'm praying for you.

So, as this year draws to an close, how can I pray for you?

Ooo, and don't forget to stop in at the party. 
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quietspirit said...

Mary: My one-word choice for this year is PEACE.
It is my plan to study this word and its applications on different levels of life' from personal clear up to international. Nest Friday, I announce it on my blog.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Peace, that is a good word. So many applications. That WILL keep you busy all a very good way. You are on my list to design your word for you.

Robin E. Mason said...

I hadn't heard of this til three years ago - turns out my word [and I was totally unaware] for 2014 was SHIFT. At the end of the year, I read someone's post about their word, and wthout even asking, I knew mine for 2015 - FORWARD. Last year was not so different, I didn't ask but knew my word for '16 was INHABIT.
And my word for this year is EXPECTATION - with a bonus of ANTICIPATION.
I've made a jpeg and will send it to you!

Connie Porter Saunders said...

My very favorite word of all of my years is JOY but for 2017 I am choosing ENCOURAGE.

Mary Vee Writer said...

These are great words, Robin, and the jpg you sent is wonderful!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Encourage is a wonderful word to choose. Sounds like you have an amazing year ahead of you.