Monday, January 9, 2017

One Word for 2017-Ten Day Count Down

I chose "depth" for this year because I want to be more than superficial in everything I do. 

So if I am cleaning, I'd like to try harder than to just swipe the dust in view. Maybe pick up objects and clean under them, too.

If I'm reading God's Word I want to dig deeper into the meaning of the passage I read.

If I'm working on my writing craft, I want to give each minute a quality that amazes even me.

If I meet someone for the first time, I want to show them a sincere interest.

With all of this in mind, I'm also thinking about the myriad of news and events happening in our world. 

How can I become deeper involved?

How can I not stir up anger, but stir action in others?

How can I lend a hand?

How can I help make others aware?

My daughter told me about a news event that recently happened in Beijing. There are coal factories that produce heat used in business and homes. There is a fog that has settled over the city. Without wind, the fog will stay in place. The fog is trapping poisons made by the coal factories in the air. The people desperately need heat, it's very they need the heat...made by the factories...that are causing the deadly trapped pollution.

I recently watched The Crown, a mini series about Queen Elizabeth. Apparently a fog settled over London trapping poisons from factories over the city. Twelve thousand people lost their lives before the fog lifted four days later.

Before the London incident, a fog settled over a town in Pennsylvania trapping poisons caused by factories. 

Let me interrupt to say I am not against factories. We need what factories produce.

Prime Minister Churchill thought nothing of the fog issue in London. He thought it would go away. There were more important things to care about. Marie Antoinette, married to King Louis VI of France, didn't understand the French people's need for food. 

The disciples thought Jesus had a political agenda. They knew He was to be a king, but they didn't understand His kingdom. They wanted the Romans to be conquered and Israel to be the great power.

They saw the superficial and not the real issues.

Of course not every issue can be handled in depth....especially by anyone person. But I'd like to give my all to any issue that comes into my day.

In ten days the United States will inaugurate a new president. No matter what is thought of him, efforts need to be made to protect the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the country.   

Today, you are a great issue for me. 

Know this, reader, that I am praying for you.

I really am.

From the depths of my heart.

Have a great day.

Mary Vee


quietspirit said...

Thank you, Mary Vee, for your prayers. We all need them.

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