Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Could Have Avoided the Topic of Inauguration Today BUT...

I could have avoided the topic of Inauguration today. 

But I decided not to because the United States of America, and other countries as well, were formed by a group of people who came together to unify a culture, a way of life. These people felt their cause worth separating from others. Whether a person agrees or disagrees with who was elected, some or all of their views, some or all of their policies, Inauguration Day is still the day that represents the installation of an elected individual to this self governed country.

I make it a firm policy to never say who I voted for, and I won't today either. I have that right. There have been many presidents in my lifetime, some I voted for, some I did not, but I cast a ballot every time. Some I didn't agree with their policies or agendas or actions, some I did.

But on Inauguration day, respect for the office is crucial.

This said I'd like to pose a question to you. It will yank your thoughts from current times. A question that will hopefully create discussion. 

If George Washington, the first president of the United States, a man who said he was an independent, (although historians call him a federalist which is defined: for a strong national government that promoted economic growth). He believed in a balance of powers. He also saw that he would have continued to be elected, so rather than become another King George, he stepped down after eight years. His other accomplishments and views are available on line.

Ran against Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, a Republican. But Republican's were different in Lincoln's day than they are today. Here is Lincoln's platform: that slavery would not be allowed to spread any further into the territories. The Republicans also promised to support tariffs that protected Northern industry, a Homestead Act granting free farmland in the West to settlers, and the funding of a transcontinental railroad. His other accomplishments and views are available on line

Who would you vote for?

Consider all you've learned in school, news, your impressions, your current thoughts, your desires for your country. 

Which would you vote for?

And why.

These two men are know for creating great change in the country. Change is not something most people like, but during their time, the issues at hand seemed to call for their leadership.

Let's celebrate the right to free thinking.

The right to free speech.

The right to vote.

The right to express our views.

Would you vote for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln? One year I assigned a project to my third grade class. The class was divided in two, one group to campaign and promote Washington, the other Lincoln. They made posters and received permission to post them all over the school, made buttons, researched, and campaigned in all the classes Kindergarten through twelfth grade. They stated their cases and rallied their candidate. An election date was set. The kids ran the election inviting the entire school including teachers and staff then counted the ballots. 

The school wide winner? Abraham Lincoln. 

Today there are many people crowded in Washington D.C., and/or huddled around their media devices. There are those who are avoiding all contact with the inauguration. 

Because they can.

So, who would you vote for? Washington or Lincoln?

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Freedom


quietspirit said...

Mary: You present an interesting choice. Each man was needed at the time of his election. May I think more on this and answer this question later?

Mary Vee Writer said...

You sure can. Although, I'm thinking that those third grade presentations might have helped you a bit. They were very persuasive....and cute.