Monday, January 2, 2017

First Blog Party of the Year: Come Celebrate!

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Happy New Year!

To me, there is something invigorating about a new year.

Like the early morning, when the sun rises and colors appear and nature can be seen. The sun moves cross the sky and things happen. Some good. Some bothersome. Some not so good. This is the day the Lord has made. Take one step at a time. Move toward the finish line where a good night's sleep awaits. Leap over obstacles in the way and keep walking. Accomplishing. Moving past things that upset. Taking breaks to enjoy the things that please.

Starting a new year is like opening a gift. Yah never know what is going to be inside. I always hope for something amazing. Don't you?

This year is no different.

Those who have hung out here on Let's Talk know I love to travel. 

Top. Top. Top on my to-do list is seeing God's world. 2016 I shared trips to California's Redwoods, Oregon's Pacific coast, Arizona's deserts, Michigan's Great Lakes, Italy's history and food. Such an amazing time.

What travels are on my docket for this year? Eeeeeee, I am excited to say: 


If God wants to squeeze in a few more places--I am totally on board!

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Now the Party!

Today through January 10, 2017 midnight, US residents may enter to win prizes from the list below. 

What are we celebrating?

First: In October, 2015, I started my newsletter, Never Give Up Stories. 

Those who have received issues have virtually traveled to Paris, Italy, deserts, mountains, pirate ships, cliff climbed, whitewater rafted, zip lined in the canopy of the redwoods and much more!! 

Would you like to come with us? There is plenty of room on every virtual trip. 

Second reason to celebrate: my book release this year. Andiamo, Let's Go to Italy. Here is a preview of this January release cover: 

Five winners will be chosen for the party giveaway. 

To enter, leave a comment and sign up for Never Give Up Stories adventures. 

Winners will be able to choose a book from one of the following authors: 

Terri Blackstock, 

Austin Boyd, 
Amy Clipston, 
Colleen Coble, 
Rebecca DeMarino, 
Evangeline Denmark, 
Robin Hatcher, 
Beverly Lewis, 
Frank Peretti, 
and more!

Winners will be chosen using the Rafflecopter website. Winners will be able to choose from my great author's book stack, many have been a guest on my blog. Winner's names and the book/s they chose will be announced on my Facebook page: Mary.Vee.Writer

Sorry-United States only

May you experience a ton of God's blessings this year. 
May your trials be manageable, 
and your joys a pinnacle experience.
I look forward to another exciting year with you on Let's Talk.


Anne Rightler said...

If there were no restrictions, I would like to take a year and travel all over the world, spending a few weeks here and there, especially Israel and Europe. Thank you for sharing your blog and the opportunity to win a book!
anne at rightler dot com

Mary Vee Writer said...

Happy New Year, Anne,
Great to see you at the party. Be sure to help yourself to virtual pastries and beverages. We have a lot to discuss and share this year, looking forward to hearing your views.

Winnie Thomas said...

I'd love going to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany again. I'd also like to go back to England and Scotland and see some of the places we didn't get to see when we were there. I'd love to explore Scandinavia,too.

Trixi said...

If there were no restrictions; I'd love to take myself & my husband to New Zealand to visit my mom. She's been there since 2001 and has sent many pictures of the area she lives in, they remind me so much of where I live on the Oregon coast! Then, I'd love to go over to Germany. My husband descendants are from there (great, great, great grandparents) and there's even a province with the same last name as ours. I think it would be neat to visit there :-) Next, I'd love to buy a 5th-wheel/truck combo to live in a travel all over the USA :-)

Isn't it fun to imagine all the things you could do and places you can visit?

teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

A.J. Cattapan said...

Congrats on your new book! As someone who has traveled to Italy many times, I'm sure I'd enjoy reading it!

Mary Vee Writer said...

I'm so glad you came. Oh my word, Switzerland, count me in. I've never been there or Austria, and I see the word "again"!! Wowsers... so you've seen them already? I've only been in Germany for a few days, but I'm definitely on board for all three countries. All fabulous ideas. You must let me know when you get to go again. Photos!! Please!!

Mary Vee Writer said...

New Zealand, and I'm sure you know Lord of the Rings was filmed there...I can hardly breathe. This is one of God's most beautiful places here on earth.
I like the idea of the fifth wheel, hmmmm...I'm picturing all the places you could go... like the Cascades, Redwoods. Great dreams! Thanks for sharing!!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Amy, you are so sweet. Thanks!
Such special words.
Very special words.
I'm just so encourage....:)

Caryl Kane said...

I would love to visit Israel. I enjoyed all the fabulous photos you shared of your Italy trip!

psalm103and138 at gmail dot com

Mary Vee Writer said...

Caryl, I'm so glad you came to the party!
Israel, should be quite a different trip from Italy. I still think of the days spent in Italy. So amazing, so wow factor. The days I anticipate in Israel, though, will open my eyes to some amazing God things. I can't wait.

Winnie Thomas said...

We went to Switzerland a few years ago and were able to visit the house my grandfather grew up in near Interlaken in the Alps. My mother's parents were both from Switzerland. Austria was also gorgeous, as was southern Germany. We didn't make it to northern Germany. Our trip to Scotland and northern England was amazing,too. We were able to go into a bit of Wales and flew to Stockholm for a couple of days. On a different trip, we went to Portugal, parts of Spain and the Rock of Gibraltar. It's so fascinating to visit all those places. I do hope you make it over to see some of them.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Sounds like the first part of your trip was like a "Heidi" experience. What great memories you still must have. When I do go to some of those places you listed...I'll talk about them here. :)

quietspirit said...

If there were no restrictions, financial or travel, I would like to go to Israel. I am praying for that nation that they may find peace and be victorious over those who choose to hurt them. I look forward to reading about your trip.

Mary Vee Writer said...

This is so exciting. I can't wait to share and to hear your thoughts. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

My two top picks of places to travel that I have never been to would be New Zealand and Hawaii. Both look just beautiful and breathtaking.
marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, I absolutely agree, Maryann. I saw one of the Hawaiian islands and would love to see more. Did you know, when you land at the airport there are no windows in the building? Seriously. The temperatures are warm enough to not need them. Isn't that awesome? And New Zealand is definitely on the must do list. Can you imagine the hikes there, and the photos? Wow!! Great ideas!!
Thanks for stopping by today. :)