Monday, January 16, 2017

Cleanse Your Reading Palate-3 Day Countdown

Yes, the weather is extremely chilly, for all of us.

As long as you are in the northern hemisphere, that is.


This, my friend, is the perfect time to pick up a book and read it all the way through. Cover to cover.

We are a TV, media age and are missing so many wonderful stories told only in books. True movies may have the props, the music, etc. BUT media does not have YOUR imagination. The setting you see, the voice you hear, the touch, the taste (did you know lasagna tastes different to you than it does for me?)

This is a fourth of my library. Yeah, hubby and I place a priority on reading. He even built the shelfs.

Since this is still January, we have time to establish great habits for 2017. Rather than encourage you to read a book, I'm going to ask you to step outside of your box.

The comfy box. The one where you have four of five good books sitting on your nights stand that you plan, have been planning, and might, kinda, sorta, eventually get around to reading but haven't because well, there was this TV show.

I am initiating the Cleanse Your Reading Palate program.

Don't walk away from this. Stick with me. The benefits will be better than Mary Poppins' spoon full of sugar.

Simply pick one book from any of the six categories listed below. There are suggestions listed for some, but these are only suggestions. If you know another book in the category or wish to go to google to look up other suggestions in the category, do so. Try to pick one from these categories, though. 

You can borrow your choice from your library. There probably are some free to download from places like Kindle or ITunes. Some are also available in audio book version.

The only kind not allowed is a video version. (DVD/Netflix/YouTube/TV etc)

I picked these six categories as this week's theme. Different. Serious. Radical. Thought it might fit in with the United States' Inauguration this Friday. Everyone seems to have an opinion about this inauguration. So...let's pick books with opinions.

Today's Cleanse Your Reading Palate Choices:

All you need do is pick one book from one of these categories. 
The book does not need to be one of the suggested works.

Dip your toe into new waters

Cleanse your Reading Palate

So, reader, which category did you choose?


quietspirit said...

Interesting list to choose from. I will come back to this later and tell you which one I chose.

Mary Vee Writer said...

These are only categories...any book in the category that interests you will do. The idea is to step out of your normal reading box to revive your reading spirit. So...which will you choose?