Monday, October 31, 2016

The Future Allure

Photo taken by Mary Vee, Pisa Italy
There was a man from the Bronx who visited his doctor before taking his wife on a trip to Italy. The doctor told him disturbing news.

The man had been retired for one year. He'd wisely purchased a large parcel and built his own home. He sold other pieces of the parcel and had hoped to sell more, but was told by an environmentalist group he couldn't.

Still, he and his wife did well on what they had. 

The man instantly connected with the forty other people in the travel group. He told jokes. Danced in the evening get togethers. He and his wife became friends with everyone in the group.

On the last morning, the tour guide split the group in two. Those needing to get to the airport early, and those later. The man was in the later group but got up early to say good bye to the first group. Farewell hugs. A new sense of friendships never to be forgotten.

When only a few gathered in the lounge waiting for the second group to come down with their luggage  the man sighed. His demeanor crestfallen. He told them his doctor diagnosed him with dementia. He apparently had some early signs. 

What these early signs were none of his new friends had seen. He never forgot anything. Always was on time, engaged in conversation, lively--until this moment, after the first group left and the second hadn't arrived. He was worried.

Knowing the future had soured his view on life.

How many times have we said, "If I could only know."

Curiosity drives us.

Knowledge of the future hampers us.


Because we are finite. The only one who can deal with infinite knowledge is our Holy Father. God Almighty. The one who can intercede, protect, guide, direct, hold our hand during trials, sing and rejoice with our successes. The great I Am.

I truly wish the man I had met had not heard the news from his doctor. He and his family would have found out on their own in due time. And, being the ever hopeful, maybe he won't get it. Or maybe he could stay the disease by engaging with others, learning, dancing, eating right. There is so much he could do to enjoy every minute...but I think once he gets home--he won't. 

And this makes me very sad.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: OneDayAtaTime.

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