Monday, November 7, 2016

Stifling Apathy

Election Day.

A freedom so many have fought to give us.

So many in other countries wished they could free do with secret ballot.

I know, the choices are mind boggling. This year, more people have toiled over who to vote for. Both major party candidates have serious flaws creating problems for party alliance and independent voters.

The mud slinging has escalated to a new high leaving the people of America without clear ideas what the candidates will do in the office. Sigh.


We need a president.

And God can and will accomplish His plan with whoever is elected. The next four years are already known to Him.

So, if you haven't yet....

Please vote.

It is our right.

It is our duty as American citizens

To vote.

Please make a choice and cast your ballot today if you haven't already.


quietspirit said...

Mary, I saw this in my newspaper at the end of "Dear Abby" I thought you'd enjoy it.


The question now that really vexes

Is where we're gonna place our "X"es.

Voting, folks, should not upset ya --

Be glad we're livin' where they let ya.


Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, I do! Thank you :)