Monday, November 21, 2016

One Corner

Not all that long ago, men and women were hired to keep the light/candle burning in lighthouses. 

They couldn't leave.

If the light went out a ship might crash on the rocks and all on board perish. 

Fog, storms, night all provided reason for the lightkeeper to maintain the lights. Many keepers lived with their families on the main floor, some lived in a home within a short walking distance. 

Each one understood the severity and urgency of their job. Keep the light burning and save lives.

Captains and sailors used each lighthouse for navigation, or ticked of completed portions of the journey . . .closer to home.

In some cases the spouse would go to town for groceries. In others, the lighthouse was so remote groceries had to be brought by boat by those on the mainland.

It took a special personality to be a lightkeeper. Enduring the quiet days and long winter nights, entertaining children who didn't have neighbors, no clubs or social events nearby, etc. Yet I don't remember reading about many who quit.

At times we feel alone. Even in the middle of a crowd we can feel alone. 

God has given us a corner of the world to keep the light, shine His truth, yet loneliness can creep in and make us feel unworthy, insignificant, unimportant.

In our corner of the world we leave a footprint for each day. Footprints that serve as a means to guide those around us. No we aren't perfect. Some prints are shallow, some deep. Some distinct like our toes, and some vague like the instep. God knows. And for that reason, He chose us. He loves us and wants us . . . and only us to to light our world and leave impressions for others to see.

He doesn't expect us to light the whole world . . . just the corner where we live.

Footprints. Deep. Enduring. Memorable. 

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Footprints

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