Monday, November 14, 2016

A Peaceful Way to Say Your Peace

The last few weeks, words have been spoken in incredibly selfish ways.

Opinions have blurted from lips without any respect to those listening or even the bystanders. 

Bullying. Violence.


Once upon a time two men living in two different countries in two different periods of time had a problem with the actions of their government.

Each man thought through the problem and constructed a plan. They had a charisma, not good looks so much, instead, they each had a strong, creative mind and a devoted spirit to see their cause through to the end. This created an infectious following because their words rang true.  

Thousands of their countrymen followed them in peaceful demonstrations, giving up time and devoting what they had to promote the cause. 

Both men emphatically called for continued peaceful demonstration. A gathering to proclaim their issue with civility. No fighting. No killing. No looting. And if any of it sparked, the two men spoke heavily against it, squelching the behavior.

Where are the Gandhis and Martin Luther King Jrs.? 

While these men strongly impacted their countries for the issues they raised, there is another to be remembered. One who calls for reform for all. Every country. Every generation.
Jesus, God's Son. He came to point out issues both in each person's life and those in power. His cause mostly revolved around false doctrines, ridiculous rules, self exalting, hoarding, stealing, lies, and much more. He walked among men and women teaching them the truth. He lived the truth. He was and is the truth. He demonstrated the life God expects us to live because He is God. He patiently explained answers to questions to all who listened, questions like what does it mean to be born again. 

Jesus didn't promote violence. Bullying. Vengeance. He offered Himself, His perfect, sinless self as a sacrifice to pay for every person's sin. He gave a gift to each person who would accept it. The gift of life. A gift for all who choose to follow Him.

Saying the truth in a peaceful way is not wimpy. It is the tower of strength that brings results.

So, what will you say to others? 

And how will you say it?

Will you live your cause?

Will you stand strong. Never wavering. And demonstrate Peace?

This post has been brought to you by the one word: PowerInPeace

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