Monday, October 10, 2016

When In Rome..A Saying That Speaks of Respect

I read a brochure about Rome. 

Photo by Mary Vee

Apparently the locals feel disrespected when Americans visit dressed in what we'd consider typical apparel. Jeans, tee, clothes we'd wear to a mall, park, even on a train or airplane. 

Actually, most Americans like jeans and a tee/shirt but will dress up for certain occassions like a fancy restaurant, certain conferences, church, weddings, etc. 

I don't think Italians look down on American's apparel as much as they see a person who has not taken the time or consideration to research what the appropriate wear is for a given setting like touring Rome. 

Seeing from the brochure that most Italians living in Rome wear nice clothes like sports coat for guys and a dress for girls, hubby and I decided to invest in giving respect. 

I went to several dress stores and found the prices astronomically high. To stay within our budget and yet still show respect, I chose, instead, to go to a fabric store, pick out several patterns and fabric, and make my dresses. (I haven't sewn anything, I'll just say years.

To me, choosing to visit Italy required me to "when in Rome" rather than expect Italians to accept me the way I prefer to dress in America. I'm excited to see the Coliseum and other famous places. I'd like to blend in with the people as much as possible to absorb the culture. Also, to prepare, I've taken some free crash courses to learn basic Italian. All to show my respect for the people of Italy.

I've finished two dresses and hoping to finish two more. 

I'm so excited to wear them when I go to Italy.

What the people of Italy are asking is not so much. It's a consideration kinda thing.

Our God shows us respect everyday. He created the world and people then engaged in his creation. He greets us with God art sunrises and says good night with God art sunsets. He provides rain for the crops...well, you know the huge list that can fill volumes, including giving Adam the job of naming the animals. All to show us He is thinking of engaged in our lives...He even left his home in heaven to live thirty years among us. A time when He felt hunger, sadness, joy, laughter, sorrow, rejection, and everything we experience. He knows what we feel. He understands. He loves us.  He cares. God is actively involved in our lives. This is respect.

So, what is the point other than we should respect others? 

Well...maybe...and this is just a thought...maybe we shouldn't expect respect from others if we don't first give respect.

Yeah...I needed these words myself. 

I hope you have an amazingly wonderful, spectacular much so you find yourself laughing.

This post has been brought to you by the one word-Respect

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