Monday, October 3, 2016

Italian Food, This Restaurant in Canada Scored a 10+

As one of my readers, you know I simply love to travel. 

I love to hike, walk a beach, take a five-hour train ride to a remote wilderness, try a new restaurant, WAIT...hubby and I did all of that on our fall color trip this weekend! 

I am bursting with news to share. I chose only one of the things I mentioned and will save the rest for my Nevergiveupstories newsletter that will be sent out to subscribers October 15th. (There is a sign up box to the right. It's free! And all subscribers get my novella free. The link will be in your confirmation notice. I hope you sign up)

And now for the piece of news I chose to share.

Hiking in the wilderness can crank up an appetite. For dinner, hubby and I drove by Giovanni's located on Great Northern Road in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada. The full parking lot told us this was a place worth turning back for.

The fresh food aroma floating through the front door mesmerized me. My stomach agreed we needed to go inside.  Italian music softly played as the host took us to an elevated seating area.

I chose the Tour of Italy from a six-page menu. So many choices! All looked absolutely delicious.

Thick marinara sauce blanketed ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini, and two large meatballs. A masterpiece worthy of savoring. While hubby and I enjoyed our meals, I noticed other patrons having friendly conversations. Laughter, birthday songs, storytelling. It occurred to me that this was a gathering place. A restaurant where people came to eat, drink, and talk. Not to be rushed out the door.

Our waitress joined in table conversations as well, keeping her role in mind while helping the patrons enjoy the evening. When she picked up our plates at the end of our meal she asked if she could get us anything else. Hubby and I always order a dessert at an Italian restaurant. She looked at our plates and said...but you didn't finish your dinner. We all three laughed. Our response was, "Yes, but our kids are not here." We all laughed again.

I ordered a chocolate raspberry cheesecake which was some infinite amount of calories. Starvation diet will begin tomorrow.

And hubby ordered a chocolate gelato (did you know that gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, yet we in America separate our ice cream from gelato).

I've eaten at other Italian restaurants. I've enjoyed several. One because the quality of food, one because the formal ambiance, but this Giovanni's in Sault, Canada, has a warm, cozy, touch of class, incredible food, amazing menu, please-come-backness that earns it top score in my book.

If you get a chance to hop into Canada, plan to eat lunch or dinner at Giovanni's. You won't be disappointed.

This post has been brought to you by the one word-Italy

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