Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hold on for the Ride

Krista is a writing partner for the Writers Alley. We've prayed together, written posts, encouraged and blessed each other. Krista is funny, techy smart, a loving mom, and an author. But advancing in any career is a job. Krista shares her heart and how God helped her celebrate each step. 

Bubbling about Careers

Preparation Bubbles

Like a sandwich, all journeys need a little prep time. Some will be a year, some will be twenty years.

Mine was bubblin' four years from when I first started seriously writing to the time that wicked awesome contract was in my hands.

While the prep time can be grueling at time, I wouldn't change a thing about it. I met a bunch of great writers who I plan to have as friends for life. I've grown as a writer and grown in my faith as I've faced rejections, discouragement, and those blessed rays of hope that God brings at just the right time.

Bubble Lesson: Embrace the Journey!

Down-to-Business Bubbles

In 2011, my writing career went from elusive dream to EEEEEE worthy possibility! An editor approached me, asking to see my stuff. I sent her a proposal and sample chapters of my book, A Sandwich Romance. A few months later, she asked for my full manuscript. A few more months later, she called, offering a book contract. Two days later, I secured an agent.

It was a pinch-me year!

But... it was a hard year too. My daughter was in the hospital, dying of heart failure while waiting for a heart transplant. She received the life-giving gift on April 9th, 2011. She had a bunch more ups and downs, including another heart surgery when her new heart was failing. 

That ended "bubbly" too. She's now doing FABULOUS with her new heart and skipping all around my HOUSE, not the hospital. 

Bubble Lesson: Hold on for the Ride!

Releasing Bubbles

Not only is my Sandwich book out but also A Side of Faith, A Side of Hope, A Side of Love, volumes 2, 3, and 4 are all OUT! Plus I have more soon to be released.


Is that bubbly enough?

Pinch me or blow bubbles in my face or something!

I won't lie. As FUN and AWESOME as it has been, it's been stressful at times too. But I'm so in awe of my VERY big God who has orchestrated my publishing journey and brought me JOY through times of pain and frustration. 

So really, I'm bubbling over with Jesus' love even more than I am about my publishing epicness. 

Bubble Lesson: It's all about JESUS!

Krista blogs at with lots of great mommy stories and helps. 

Krista has signed with a new agent and has expanded her writing career by entering the Indi realm.

Krista has also signed with another publisher, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to spill the beans, but her new release should hit the shelves by 2017

Thank you Krista for this bubbly response. The road to publication can be wild

God has given all us some bubbly moments to encourage us 
or help us see the lighter side of life.

What bubbly experience have you can be about anything.

I'll start. One of many bubbly experiences: I was the first one in my family, including my parents, to graduate from college. They were very proud. 

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