Friday, September 9, 2016

Time is a Treasured Commodity

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Seems like meeting new authors has come to an end.

The numbers have dwindled to only a couple of hundred, causing me to wonder if this is something you all are interested in. 

I mean, I'm willing to do the leg work. Have for four+ years. I've search for new authors, representing all genres, meet them at conferences, etc. Get their info...and, well, and take care of the details.


Now, I'm thinking it seem like meeting new authors has come to an end because the numbers of readers have faded.

The purposed for this particular weekend will be then to see where everyone is at.

True, there are a gazillion blogs out there. 
And time is a treasured commodity.

So, in one word or more...

Let's Talk.

1. Do you want to continue meeting new authors? Book giveaways are a given.

2. And the dreaded question (this is one I would have trouble answering at first myself), what would interest you enough to read about?

Think about it. If you need, come back and answer.  But answer question number one in the comment section first.

I am not closing down this blog. Just feeling my way through how best to engage you all in an exciting, refreshing chat.

I am ready to meet a new bull and to take him by the horns. 


Connie Porter Saunders said...

Hi Mary. I understand your uncertainty about this blog because I have noticed recently that fewer and fewer people have commented. Do I want you to continue to feature authors and giveaways? YES! I am thrilled if I can win but even better, I am always inspired, motivated AND challenged when I join you for your virtual coffee chats.
Your second question is indeed hard because I have been pleased with the authors/genres you have showcased.
I don't know if this has helped but I do know that you will let God lead you in your decision.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks, Connie.
Just this morning, God has given me an idea that springboards from these weekend chats with delicious virtual beverages and pastries. One I'm pretty excited about. I'll announce the idea next week...while staying open to any more comments here.
Thanks, Connie!!