Monday, September 12, 2016

I Saw It...It Wasn't a Mirage!

I walked around a corner in my house to the doorway of a room and stood perplexed. I saw water through the window.

The window faced a field that is being converted to a meadow of flowers and grasses. The water appeared to be a lake.

Like you'd probably do, I walked closer to the window and saw it had been opened. The vertical angle led me to believe the lake was a reflection.

Couldn't be. The window opening was angled so that only something to the left would reflect. Our garage was to the left.

I grabbed my camera and snapped the photo for evidence despite the camera's protest against painting the very clear image of water I saw. Really! I wasn't imagining this!!

Then the aha moment hit. 

The lake's steely gray waves, which was down the hill and way to the right, reflected off the garage door window and bounced again off this room window where I stood.


There are moments when I can love science.

And then I wondered what God wanted me to really see in this.

I have been given many opportunities to share the gift of life God has given to me. I'm not one who smacks every person I meet over the head with the Gospel message. I prefer methods used by Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, Mother Theresa and other's who saw a need..and while meeting the need...shared the story of the God who loves.

Like these missionaries, I may not see the fruit of witnessing. I may have been the first contact, the one to plant the Gospel seed, I may have been the one who watered what someone else said, and sometimes I was blessed to see a person believe in the God who loved them.

Whether we see the fruit of our work or not, we can always know that nothing we do for God goes unused. The person we helped will be able to help someone else who will then be able to help someone else. The power in one act is exponential. I only saw the reflection of the lake that had bounced three times (the garage window, the room window, to me). But God's power will reflect many more times. He only asks that we follow His call, participating in a life changing chain.  

I'm sure there are about a million other lessons that can be gleamed from this lake reflection. More than one for each person. 

I hope you share the one that pops in your head in the comment section below.

This post have been brought to you by the one word: Reflection


Caryl Kane said...

Mary, this is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks, Caryl!
Enjoyed chatting with you.