Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wild Phenomena: Comfort in Crazy Normal

Photo by Mary Vee

In the moments it took my computer to power up and get to this page a sunrise splashed across the sky. 

First hues of pastel pinks kissed the clouds. The color brightened to a neon fuchsia. Patches of dark blue sky showing through blended to a soft baby blue. At this moment oceans of pink waves ripple the blanket above and are turning salmon. The whole sky is ablaze.

Another beautiful sunrise from our Father.

And because of a return to a normal schedule, I witnessed this event.

Vacation season has ended. My friends and I are home from the big writing conference in Nashville. Last night, we in the north left our air conditioners off to enjoy a sixty degree sleep.

Daughter's alarm "didn't go off". Ah yah. I'm wondering if she remembered to set it for this first day of the semester.  And the cat walked in the way of our feet.

All is normal. The routine has returned.

Even with a crazy daily schedule there is comfort. Everyone knows where they are going. What they are doing. Who will be where. When to do what. 

We don't have any more minutes in our day, in fact, we seem to have less. Yet all seems at it should.

Guess what? This isn't really normal.  This is the normal we are accustomed to calling normal. 

Wedged inside a book called time is the span of humanity. When Christ returns and  all the end times events come to a close we will be introduced to our forever normal.

In that normal we will not feel pain. We will have a home especially prepared for us. We will be with God. I can't begin to imagine what that will be like. The thoughts far exceed any of my attempts to understand.

What I do know is the comfort I feel in this normal crazy routine will sorely pale against the amazing normal we will have in heaven. I can't wait!

Sadly, not everyone will be there with me. 

God really does love the world. He sent His son to teach and to make the way for us to go to heaven. God says the only way to heaven is believing and accepting that His son, Jesus, took the punishment for all our sins. I hope you have. I sure want you to be able to enjoy what is to come. If you have questions, feel free to message me: maryveewriter@gmail.com.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: CrazyNormal 

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