Monday, August 22, 2016

There Is Power In A Well-Timed Break

There are few as obsessed as the fisherman and the golfer. Even the Pokeman Go player knows when to come in out of the rain.

Clouds formed in the west heading toward the lake at the edge of our property. The coming rain was a no brainer. 

I looked up from my work screen and saw these two fishermen. The rain had started to fall. Definitely time for a break and a bit of entertainment. Would they fish in the rain or not? How bad did the rain have to get before they'd take a break?

The temperatures hovered in the 70's, which meant the rains would feel chilly, especially when sitting in a metal boat on a lake.

The fishermen cast their lines. The sky grew darker and the rain fell.  The fishermen reeled in their lines. The rain deluged.

The men bent over a bit, hiding from the rain. Must fish. Must ignore rain!

There are times when God asks us to do a job. Sometimes He really wants our participation, sometimes He only wants us to show Him we are willing to carry out the task. I think of Noah. God wanted Noah to do the job. Experts say it took Noah up to 75 years to make the ark. Abraham, on the other hand, was asked to show his willingness to take Isaac up the mountain. 

God also wants us to use good thinking. 

When the trials get strong, we should get out of the water and wait for Him to handle the situation. 

When the deluge hit full force, these fishermen grabbed their gear and paddled to shore. I was beginning to wonder if they'd come in from the rain. Especially when the thunder started. They waited in their vehicle during the rest of the storm.

Once the skies cleared and the sun came out, these fishermen pushed their boat back in the water and continued fishing the rest of the day.

After Elijah won the battle of sacrifices between he and the prophets of Baal, Elijah became weary. Queen Jezebel sent out threats against his life. Elijah couldn't handle any more trials. He needed rest. God took him to the river Cherith where Elijah received food, water, and rest. 

Whether you are working on a task or wading through a trial, God is with you. He will let you know when to take a break, recharge your spiritual well, nourish your body, and shelter yourself. 

Each day we need comfort from His Word. This will build our reserves. When we do, the peace that passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind. Philippians 4:7

This post was brought to you by the one word: AWell-TimedBreak

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