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Sylvia Bambola

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Mary here. I have a blessing for you. Sylvia's post really touched my heart. Talk about the heart of writing stories for God's sons and daughters. Her passion has stirred me. Created a longing to read her books and to sit down at a coffee shop for a 1:1 chat with her.
 I asked Sylvia, How has God led you on your writing journey? Here is what he said: 

He Filled Me With a Love for Storytelling

Long before I came to know the Lord, He filled me with a love for storytelling. 

When I was young my friends and I would sit around making up stories, usually scary ones. In eighth grade, I began my first novel, which was never finished. But the groundwork was laid.

God had instilled in me a writer’s heart.

Years later, after I came to the Lord and was a wife and young mother, I began writing in earnest. But my focus had changed. Not only did I want to write entertaining stories, I wanted to write stories that would touch hearts for Jesus. The two became inseparable. If a story couldn’t reveal something about God—His goodness, His mercy, His forgiveness, His tender heart for hurting man—if it couldn’t reveal some scriptural truth, I didn’t want to write it.

So began a process that never varied throughout my career. Each and every book began with prayer; with questions I would put to the Lord. “What do You want me to write about, now? What truth do You want me to illustrate?” Then I would listen. 

No Cecil B. DeMille type of voice ever answered, but I did get stirrings. Suddenly, ideas would bubble up like foam in a glass until they spilled over. Excitement would grow as one, single theme began overriding all the other ideas rolling around in my head. That’s when I knew. That’s the trail I would follow.

And that’s what would fill my heart until each story was finished. Refiner’s Fire was about the persecuted church, Tears in a Bottle detailed the horrors of abortion, Waters of Marah and Return to Appleton covered eco-terrorism. 

I began to see that God was directing me to cover some of the issues of the day. Even when writing my three historicals: Rebekah’s Treasure, The Salt Covenants, and The Daughters of Jim Farrell, the relevance to modern times was unmistakable. It was as though through story, God was highlighting various problems and issues. It was as though He was saying, “take a look at this.”

Have I gotten everything right? Probably not. And could my writing improve? Always. And with every book, hopefully. 

But after all these years, my desire remains the same—to write those stories that I believe God is revealing to me even amid the ever present temptation to follow trends, to pursue a more commercially prosperous route. And sometimes that pressure has been great. 

Trends and commercially oriented books are not bad, by the way, it’s just not my path, the one God has put me on, and I knew it.  Funny, the temptation always faded when I realized it was not the number of books I sold; a big or small name recognition; or my book’s place on the amazon charts. It’s—have I been obedient to the calling of God? To my assignment?

And that, friends, is the sum of it. Because there’s nothing I long for more than when I pass over to the other side, to hear Jesus’ sweet voice tell me, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

Love and blessings,


The Babel Conspiracy is a tale of intrigue and love. Two women engineers struggle to develop the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft amid ever intensifying global terrorism and muddled personal lives. Trisha Callahan has an abiding faith in God, and “those roots of middy blouses and pleated skirts, prayer books and incense-filled churches went deep.” This faith is tested when she finds herself in love with a married man. Audra Shields sees herself as a modern Lady Chatterley, “liberated but not forsaking breeding, intellect, or femininity.” When she becomes involved with a dangerous stranger, she begins to question her lifestyle.

Both women try sorting out their personal problems while racing the clock to finish a project fraught with sabotage and murder. And who’s behind it all? When the Department of Homeland Security and the Mossad finally figure it out, the answer surprises everyone.


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Thank you, Sylvia, for joining us this weekend!

We enjoy chatting with you, Reader, and look forward to reading your comments and questions. Or at least your hi, hello, or hey.

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Connie Porter Saunders said...

Mary, thanks for sharing this time with Sylvia. Sylvia. I deeply admire that your goal is to write only the words that He has given you. I greatly appreciate your statement "No Cecil B. DeMille type of voice ever answered, but I did get stirrings". I've always marvelled that some people hear God speaking because I have only received stirrings. I guess it doesn't matter how we are answered- - - our obedience is the real issue!
Blessings to both of you and Mary, continued prayers for your daughter.
cps1950(at)gmail (dot)com

Sylvia Bambola said...

Connie, thank you for stopping by and taking a moment to read and comment. Yes, I feel as you do: How nice it would be if God would speak clearly and audibly to me, but in all the years I've known Him, He's only done this twice. The rest of the time I find I need to spend lots of time in His presence waiting upon Him. And maybe that's the point. Blessings!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Then again, Connie and Sylvia, the stirrings are comforting, aren't they? I wake often in the middle of the night, a name comes to me. I assume this person is in need of prayer. The question, why did that name come to me? Yeah, I know the answer, too. I have had names of friends I haven't seen in years pop in my head or simply I think of FB and am reminded that I said I would pray for someone. Who it is I don't always remember in the middle of the night. Neither do I always remember the need. But this I know, God is aware and has invited me to participate in the blessing by talking to Him even in vague words. I love these moments. I rarely hear the result. Sometimes I message the person and tell them God brought them to my mind and I prayed for them. The response from those individuals is always a blessing.
But Sylvia is given story ideas that meet the needs of God's sons and daughters. What a resolve. One God is sure to bless.

Sylvia Bambola said...

Mary, you are right. There is nothing like communing with God. I think it amazing and wonderful that He actually wants to communicate with us!

Caryl Kane said...

Hello Mary and Sylvia! Sylvia, I so enjoyed reading that you seek the Lord for each book you write. I love that you honor Him with the gift He has given you. The Babel Conspiracy sounds like a must read for the current season. Thank you for the chance.

Mary, I follow your blog and receive your newsletter.
psalm103and138 at gmail dot com

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hey, Caryl, so nice to see you on this rainy weekend..well it is here, anyway. Good thing we brought the chat inside.
The layers in The Babel Conspiracy do address much of today's issues, I agree. Definitely a page turner.
I'm so glad you joined us this weekend.

Sylvia Bambola said...

Caryl, thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my article. The Babel Conspiracy does, in fact, reflect modern times and issues. But praise God, no matter what, He is able to sustain us and see us through! Blessings.

Sylvia Bambola said...

Mary, thank you for hosting me on your blog. Blessing!