Monday, July 4, 2016

American Olympic Hopeful-An Example for All Generations

Steele Johnson and David Boudia

He grew up wanting to be just like him.

Steele Johnson had watched David Boudia compete in two Olympics as an American diver. This year, Steele had a golden opportunity to be a teammate guessed it, David Boudia.

They stepped up to the platform, down 125 points. The final dive set to take place. The men positioned themselves for the crucial dive that would determine if they would make the American Olympic team traveling to Rio this year.

David counted off.

They stepped into motion.

In the seconds that followed the men, perfectly synced, plunged into the waters below.

A news reporter asked Steele how he felt. (Don't you just love these we couldn't imagine!!!) Steele, after spitting out a few words gained his composure and said, "The flips and all they do won't mean a thing in my future. Christ is the one who will."

Wow. He said that to millions of viewers. 

What I also found profound was another answer he gave. "I knew we were down. I didn't think about what the others did, instead I focused on my dive."

Doesn't it seem that when we try to please those around us--that is the time we trip, say the wrong thing, do something foolish? In the last few months, performers have fallen off the stage during a show. The next day news reports tell of the performer's fall, not their singing. But for Steele, his testimony of dedication to do the job Christ asked him to do was what reporters showed the next day.

Steele demonstrated a true Christ-like life. 
He honored God rather than himself. 
He worked very hard. 
He focused on the job God gave him at the moment.

No matter how he does at the Olympics (and I really hope he does well), Steele is walking a path that makes God smile.

Diving doesn't seem like the mission field that could win thousands or even one to Christ. But, when considering how Steele watched Boudia's every move and also will young divers, supporters, and competitors see a great witness and example for Christ in Steele's Olympic experience.

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