Monday, June 6, 2016


photo by Mary Vee

Towering dust devils swirl through the rugged lands around the Grand Canyon. Fellow east coast readers, like me, find these intriguing. They give proof to the idea that tornados actually start at the ground level and reach up to the clouds--contrary from how they appear.

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In a tornado, cold downdrafts fall from the back of the cloud to the ground, while warm updrafts are sucked up from the earth by the front of the storm. These drafts tangle in the middle, spiraling while still on the ground and twirl up toward the storm system, forming a tornado.

Swirling winds pull in everything in it's path.

This sounds like my amazing week. A glorious week with details, tasks, and places to be swirling in from just about every direction.

I am flying home from Tucson with hubby this evening. This past weekend we went to my oldest daughter's wedding in the mountains. Outdoor wedding. So picturesque.  We should be home about 1am Wednesday.

Wednesday morning, daughter #2, Chefy daughter, and I will drive her car to Oregon where she will spend the summer doing a chef internship at a fancy resort. It will take us three days to get there.

Once she is set up in her housing we'll sightsee the Oregon coast for a day then I'll fly home.

Wowsers--this is going to be fun....and it's not the end. So much more ahead. What a great whirlwind of a summer!

Plan to stop by next week. I'm hosting my birthday party. And you know what that means--lots of gifts from me to you.

Real tornados are scary. But, sometimes the whirlwinds, dust devils, and tornados blowing through our lives can be fun.

How about you? 

What do you have planned for your summer?

A flower garden?
A vegetable/fruit garden?
Home makeover?

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Wild


quietspirit said...

Mary: We have contracted with Lowe's to have new security storm doors and an entry (back) door installed.(This could be done in about four weeks.) We also have contracted with another company through them to have a yard barn constructed.(This won't be done until the end of July.) Also, found out this afternoon, Hubby will have surgery two times-the first is a pre-test to see how he is able to deal with the implantation of a devise to help him with a physical problem he can no longer tolerate. After the yard barn is built, we get to clear off our enclosed front porch and I get to set out some porch furniture. I can hardly wait.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Wow, Cecile. You ARE busy. I'll praying for you and hubby. Your yard should look amazing by the end of the summer!!