Monday, June 20, 2016

All Things Are Possible

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I periodically have the opportunity to watch a show that, I must confess, I watch only because the cast intrigues me. 

Do you have a program that you enjoy?

I don't have a TV. So, in order to watch this show, I need to wait two weeks after it airs to see it on the Internet. That's okay with me. 

Two years ago, one of the female competitors told of a skiing accident that resulted in both of her legs being amputated. With prosthetic devices, she was able to learn how to ballroom dance on the show. She had such a powerful message: Despite something crushing your dreams, you can survive and make new dreams. 

One year ago, one of the male competitors told he had been a soldier in Afghanistan and was hit by an exploding grenade. He did not have a left arm or a left leg. With a prosthetic left leg and no left arm, this man learned how to ballroom dance. He was able to pick his female coach/partner off the ground, lift her to his shoulder, and compete like other competitors. He had such a powerful message: War and other horrible events try to scar our spirit. But we can rise above and walk with our heads held high.

This year, one of the male competitors is deaf. He perplexes me. He is completely deaf, has never heard anything his entire life. His female ballroom dancing coach has had a difficult time helping him understand the beat of the music. One week the man had an incredible idea. He asked that the music not play for ten whole seconds while he and the others kept dancing. That moment of utter silence from the audience, and the music caught me off guard. The dancers kept in beat as if nothing had happened. When interviewed after the dance the man said, "I didn't ask for the music to stop so that people would feel sorry for me. Oh, no. I wanted them to join me in my world." This was something he was proud of. Something he wanted to share with everyone. 

An accident, a reason for PTSD, deaf from birth. 

Can you imagine what these three people have gained by their attitude?

This is what God asks us to do.

We may never experience something as severe as these individuals, but we have something that tends to hold us back. Shy. Inadequacy. A physical infirmity. With any of these or other issues, we should be able to get out of doing things God asks. Right? Not really.

So here is an idea. I'm thinking many of us have the spirit of Moses. That spirit that feels inadequate to do the job God asks.  We don't feel we can tell others about God. We might say something wrong. The person might ask a question we don't know the answer to. Then we might say, someone else could do the job so much better. Yeah. Moses said that too. He asked God to consider Aaron, his brother. God spent time with Moses and showed him he could do the job. And he did.

Can we set a goal to step beyond our real limitations and our inhibitions to tell someone about Christ? To show someone that the living God who loves them so dearly sent us to do something for them? Let's talk about it. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Possible


Connie Porter Saunders said...

Hi Mary, I have neighbors who are decent, moral people but they don't know Jesus personally. This past year I have become the primary caregiver of my now two year old granddaughter and one of our daily routines is to walk. These neighbors have become very fond of her and we often stop to visit with them. The gentlemen is ill and his doctors are having problems diagnosing his illness. His spiritual health is also a concern to me but I have been shy about verbally witnessing to him. He knows I am a Christian so I am hoping that my witness will help and it has also occurred to me that "a little child shall lead them". So I will continue to visit him with my precious granddaughter and I will continue to pray that I can find the courage to talk to him about his salvation. Because, with God and faith. anything is POSSIBLE!

Mary Vee Writer said...

What an opportunity. Both to have your granddaughter with you (quite a sacrifice you have made on her behalf), and neighbors whom God has placed on your heart. I have a feeling, the two pieces will come together to create a beautiful blessing down the road. I can't wait to hear what God has in mind for your situation...and thank you for listening to Him.