Monday, June 27, 2016

A Summer Love

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A summer love.

Everything we could dream. 

Is it so much to ask for: (you gents may have to modify the list a bit)

Ever present/available
Willing to Fight
 ....and yes...much more!

Recently I read this great dialogue:

"And you knew it was love? How?"
"Because when I wasn't with him I could only think of him. Because when I wasn't with him I was simply waiting until I was. And when I was with him, I didn't want to be anywhere else." Faye Bird

The second person's answer struck me. This should not only be my relationship with people I love..this should be my relationship with God.

Ooo, that cut to the heart.

I rethought my day and wondered, did I only think of the One who has not only given me everything and taken care of me, but also provided the way of salvation for me? When I wasn't near God, usually my own doing (neglect, sin, etc) was I willing to turn back to Him and ask HIs forgiveness?  And when I am with Him, do I truly not want to be anywhere else?


These are powerful thoughts. 

Emotions and intellect, heart and soul all mixed together.

Well, do you know you love God? Or are in sync totally...hopelessly devoted..for me to live is love with God?

Let's talk. Share with us.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Love


quietspirit said...

When I start my day with God, I feel a peace that feels like no nothing I have ever felt. I believe this is love for God and love from God.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Peace is a good word to express the feeling God gives. Thanks!