Monday, May 9, 2016

True Commitment

I was beginning to wonder if they would arrive.

They'd been here, at the same time, every other year. 

The days came and went with no sign of those who had shown, even demonstrated their true commitment to each other.

Faithfully he protected her.

Lovingly she bore and raised their children. He helped. Standing by her side and insuring the children behaved.

The couple even find time for each other allowing nothing but their commitment in their focus.

She trusts him.

He trusts her.

Without trust....there is no commitment.

Who were these incredibly, wonderful examples of total commitment?

Honey, I need to talk to you. 

 Just a minute. I need to give the kids a project to do.

No, No my love. Come to me. Kiss me. The kids are fine. 

Not in front of the kids.

Yes. Kiss me. The kids will know we love each other..

But, we'll scar their little minds....oh, forget it.  (smooching)


Billy, is this an emergency? Your Father and I were having a very important discussion. 

I heard something. Quick hide the kids. You, too. I don't want to lose you.

Be careful, honey.

All right children. Follow me. You know the drill. Billy, don't dawdle.  

I think we're safe now. It was just a stupid human. Keep the children moving.

Sigh, good thing we're a family that sticks together.

Are we blessed to be shown through God's creation just what God expects from us?

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Commitment.

*All photos in today's post were taken my Mary Vee.


quietspirit said...

Mary: You have an interesting take here on your word. Thank you for sharing.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you. I had a lot of fun snapping the photos then brainstormed with daughter how to put today's post together. Fun times had by both us and the geese.