Monday, May 16, 2016

Pirate Ship, Open Water, and Sand-Arrrr

Between family availability and circumstances, Mothers' Day was kind of a let down. Chefy daughter caught wind of the situation and planned the perfect remedy with my hubby's financial backing.

She announced, "You might need a jacket and have one hour before we leave." To go where? I did not know.

Although I had an inkling.

The family knows I love outdoor adventures. Pretty much anything will be a winner.

Three hours later we landed at a marina/lighthouse area on the southern part of Lake Michigan. 

The sun shone on baby powder soft grains of sand. 

We walked out to the lighthouse and discovered a ship out in a fog. A tall ship. ooo my favorite. Could it be a pirate ship? Nah. No way. Even chefy daughter couldn't have planned this sight! She was as surprised as I was. 

We ate our lunch on the beach and spent most of the afternoon attempting to... 

photograph the tall ship ducking in and out of a fog. ooo so mysterious.

We left the beach to find a coffee shop and on the way found the marina office. The worker sent us to the maritime museum and told us this!

Aarrr. There be a pirate trip in me future. 

Such a treasure there be. I have me map, and will bring the map... No black spots on this one. Arrr!

I had such a wonderful day with chefy daughter on this adventure. Keep this gal in your prayers. She left for a study abroad trip with her culinary class two days ago. They will be visiting fine restaurants, markets, etc in Germany and France for the next two weeks. 

Aren't surprised fun? God gives us family, friends, neighbors, all the people around us to make us happy. What a thoughtful God we have.

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