Monday, May 2, 2016

Maybe the Distractor is Actually the Intended

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The more time goes by, the more we stumble onto roads that feel like rabbit trails. We thought we were doing what God led us to do. What happened?

Maybe you thought God called you to go to College. And so it seemed He did. You enrolled, passed the first semester, and began the second semester feeling pretty good. Then you met that special someone. You promised yourself you'd finish college, but then love changed your mind.

You thought you could continue school as a married person until the little bundle of blessing came along. 

Or you thought God called you to a fantastic job opportunity. And so it seemed He had. An entry level position that had potential to take you high in a company. You worked hard, earned several promotions and pay raises then the company was bought out, downsized, and you lost your job. You ended up in a totally different job.

Or you started a ministry that had been on your heart, delivering large print devotionals to shut-ins. You spent time with some really lonely people and prayed with them. Then one day, your car was taken away from you. You are older, but your eyes are fine and you passed your driver's license. Your driving record is good, but your well meaning adult children didn't understand. They gave the car away.

Original plans. God appointed. So true.

We don't know the entire picture like God does and rarely understand His plan while soaked in the moment. The first calling God gave us doesn't always last our entire life. 

God really loves us so much. He has all these great ideas. If we'd stayed with the first calling and not moved to His second task for us, we would have missed opportunities.

When life seems to take a horrible left turn down a rabbit hole, hold on, God has a plan. This does not mean that the plan is going to be fun, comfortable, exciting, or even joyful. What it DOES mean is the task WILL play into God's over arching plan..and we get to take part in whatever that is. 

Whatever God is asking you to do, at this very moment, this task is the only one that will bring your soul gratification, because your willingness will please God.

Hopefully the current task is one that makes you happy. Enjoy! Maybe you are in a task that keeps you in bed healing. You are available to be a prayer warrior. What ever the task, do all for the glory of God.

Will you share the task God has given you with us? 
I'll go first. Currently, I am a Christian Fiction writer ministering to all generations through three separate blogs/websites.
Your turn.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Intended

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