Monday, April 11, 2016

God Provides the Bumpers

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I love the bumpers bowling alleys put in the gutters. It's about the only time I can achieve a reasonable score. 

My ball bounces off the bumper careens down the middle, veers to the right, hits the bumper on the other side and bounces back to the middle. By the time it hits the pins, at least four topple over. A token.

Yeah! I leap in the air.

Had I gone to a lane without bumpers...well, let's just say the result would be much closer to a 0. I think my highest score is 49. 

I could just say bowling isn't my game. And maybe that's true.

On the other hand, the lessons I draw from the game make the adventure worth the trouble. 

Each day is a new adventure. Whether I'm doing the same thing or not. Work. Home. Traveling. Sick at home. No two days are alike. 

We start our day rolling through obstacles, issues, happy moments, etc and at some point we find ourselves climbing into bed and turning off the light.

More often than we realize, the evil one throws obstacles in our way. Things to wear us down, discourage us, insight us to blame God for ... whatever.

What we don't see are the bumpers that God keeps in the gutter. Bumpers that are really preventing an even worse situation. Sometimes, I know, life can really seem awful. Cancer, (I've been there), loved one died, (I've been there), car accident, broken bones, grumpy people, falsely accused, blamed, on our feet all day....yep, I've been in all of them.

But you know...none of these are "God's fault". None of these incidents show God doesn't care. He was with me and everyone else who has experienced these situations and more. God truly does love us.

He weeps when we weep. 

He stretches His arms out to hold us. Reassure us. Comfort and guide us.

He loves us so much. 

One of the most difficult things for me to imagine is the perfect life we will have in heaven. No one will struggle in the way we do here. (Yah, know, some struggles are good :) )

Until then, we need to remember God has everything under control. He slides the bumpers into the gutters when troubles come our way and stays with us the whole time.

This post has been brought to you by the one word-God'sbumpers

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