Monday, February 29, 2016

The Kodak Language

Photo by Mary Vee-Hubby and daughter

Cute grandparent alert-

In the dining hall of a hotel, a grandma and grandpa had their great grandson with them. Okay, you caught me. They were really great grandparents...but that gets tedious to write. Not only that, who really calls that relative great grand whatever? Too many words! Looses the punch by the time all those words are out.

The endearing grandma allowed the six-year-old (I'm guessing) pour creamer in her coffee, carry his own juice to the table, and kept up with a lively conversation. 

All the while, Grandpa sat at the table with newspaper unfolded. The serious look caused me to think, he wouldn't spend time with this little guy. At least the little guy had grandma to pay attention to him.

Boy was I wrong. I love when this happens!

Little man ran back to the table while Grandma put breakfast on their plates back at the food area. The second little man plopped on the chair, Grandpa set his paper down. A smile burst on his face. He talked with the little guy and the little one answered. I couldn't hear their words since they were across the room, but the body language spoke volumes. 

Connection. Love. Compassion. Caring. 

Photo by Mary Vee

The first word that popped in my head to encompass the whole moment was KODAK.

Grandma by this time had delivered a plate and was headed back to get another. She walked by my table and I said, "Now there is a Kodak moment."

She looked at me then back toward the table. Confusion drew here eyebrows down. She asked, "What is a Kodak moment?"

Oh my goodness. She was older than me. How could she not know? Sleepless in Seattle, hundreds of commercials? Okay, I needed a quick explanation because the family was hungry and I was taking up their time. "It's the aww that's cute photo that people often take."

Her eyes brightened. "Oh, I thought you meant the TV."

To her credit the TV was hung on the wall in the background. A show was playing that had absolutely nothing to do with Kodak. 

She smiled. "Yes." Then she said more, proud of the men, young and old, at her table.

Tell me you would have understood what a Kodak moment is. 

In Sleepless in Seattle, the female boss commiserates with Meg Ryan's character by referring to the photo of the wife who walks in the kitchen and see a new refrigerator with a red bow on it. 

The little boy and the puppy dog.

Little girl with hat smelling summer flowers.

Those cute, memorable moments that could be made into a Hallmark movie. Box of tissues. Bowl of chocolates. Are you with me?

It's like a whole new generation needs to be taught these Americanisms. 

Your assignment, write in the comment section a Kodak moment you remember. You didn't have to take the picture. You may not have had a camera with you, but the photo is etched in your memory.

I'll go first. My eighteen month daughter had a white turtleneck shirt on. (Yeah...first mistake). We bough a small chocolate cake to celebrate the New Year and had set it on the table. Family gathered in our living room. The apartment was small enough to let 18month old roam. She did. Straight to the cake. I still have the picture in her album. Chocolate from head to toe. I became really good at getting stains out :)

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