Monday, March 14, 2016

Flying the Coop

I am packing my bags and flying to California. My first time in the state. Why am I going? I'm so glad you asked.

Besides loving to travel and check out God's world, there is another reason for this trip.

An hour or so away from the Pacific, and tucked in the mountains, is a place called Mt. Hermon. Ah yes, having never seen this place, visions of fun now burst in my sight. 

I asked friends who have been to this amazing place to loan me their pictures for this preview. Because as always, you get to go with me. What? Did you think I'd leave you behind? No way.

This is a Christian writers' conference. Designed for both fiction and non fiction writers.

I have heard there are so many classes and so much to learn one can be overwhelmed. How fitting that the conference is held in the peaceful redwood forests in the mountains.

I am so excited--like a kid walking into a toy store.

The brochure said to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. 

There will be a lot of walking.

Isn't this gorgeous? 

Let's pause and smell these blossoms :)

I have never seen a redwood tree.

I have seen pictures of these giant trees. 

Have wanted to stand by one and touch it.

BUT NOW I GET TO SEE ONE! Guess what picture will be in my upcoming album?

Can you imagine going to a conference building that looks like this?


I haven't smelled a redwood before. Trees do have different scents. Usually to help with words we associate the scent with something we know. 

I'll describe the scent to you later.

The conference is earlier this year than normal. I hope the blossoms know and plan to pop out in time to greet us

Unbelievable. Outside sessions. 

Where I live, in the north, this would not happen in March. Huge muck puddles or chilled winds would see to squashing that party.

Can you imagine? Are you ready to fly with me. Be at the airport by 5 am.

Let's roll.

Karen Barnett and Dana Black shared these amazing photos with us. Thank you, Karen and Dana!


quietspirit said...

Mary: Enjoy your time at the conference.

Mary Vee Writer said...

How sweet. Thanks :)