Monday, February 15, 2016

The Underlying Theme of Songs and Stories -Love

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Happy Valentines Week!

No Valentines is not over. Yes the official day was last Sunday (how sweet that it fell on a Sunday!), but the core of Valentines is never over.

Sure would be nice to have a daily excuse to have chocolate...but we all know this is not the intent. What we all want. What we all need is love.

Not just any love. 

We don't need the superficial, non committed expression of a meaningless love where the person is mostly out for gain.

At the heart of our longing and desires is God's love which can be expressed in so many ways.

God want us to be a vessel of his love, given, sharing, listening, caring, hugging, hoping, praying, etc.

God wants us to love Him. Did you know that a simple smile to anyone, if sincere, is a way to love God?

God wants us to feel love. He puts other people in our lives that can provide our physical need for hugs, etc. He paints bombastic colors in the sky, sunshine, and all creation. He gives rain for crops, and so much more. God wants us to feel loved.

Hubby is working Valentines day this year. We will celebrate this coming Saturday. I'll pack a picnic lunch then we'll drive out to Lake Michigan for the day. Depending on the weather and the winds, we'll walk out to the lighthouse and end the day in a coffee shop for a warm cup of Joe. Yes. This is my kind of celebration. Outside, homemade food, and my husband.

So, what did you do for Valentines day? If you don't have a spouse, there are plenty of people out there who would love to have you share Valentines day with them. And if the fourteenth didn't work out for you, like it didn't for us--pick another day. Just be sure to show someone you love them...and let someone show you they love you.

This post has been brought to you by the one word--Love


quietspirit said...

Because of the possibility of bad weather and my health issue, I stayed home from church. Hubby and I gave each other sweet valentine cards. He had bought me a cheese ball, one of my favorite snack foods, and other snack foods that I like. He had gotten me a package of white chocolate truffles, which I downed in one afternoon.(I lose all self-control when it comes to them.)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hopefully the weather has improved in your area. How nice that you and hubby shared the day together. Sounds like he earned brownie points :)