Monday, February 22, 2016

Squashed and Rescued

A friend and Bible college classmate of mine is the CEO and Director of the New York City Rescue Mission. This friend is so dedicated to God's calling. I look forward to his posts on Facebook

God has given him a very creative mind to draw the homeless into the mission. For the Super Bowl screens were set up along with chairs. A local vendor donated pizzas and other vendors provided hot dogs and chips.

To me, my favorite was his report on a recent blizzard in New York City. The mayor had banned all traffic from the streets. My friend welcomed his staff and anyone--including homeless men and women--to join him in a game of soccer outside. Yes,, they played on streets usually packed with cars and trucks. This is the link to the video:
Soccer in the streets of New York

I've seen many executives sitting behind desks, cranking out paperwork. Maybe work that could be farmed out. 

These executives miss the real action. Being with the people that are served by their company. Hospital administrators, college presidents, CEO's all squashed in fancy offices churning out paperwork --not even knowing what is happing in the ranks.

My friend from the New York City Rescue Mission, though, chooses to follow the example of the greatest of all Executives. God is the perfect one. He set up a place for us, gave us food, THEN DID NOT ABANDON US while he tended to paperwork. God dwelled among us. He experienced first hand how we felt when we are hungry, lonely, concerned, neglected, loved, hugged, tired, hurting, etc. He knows.

He knows.

And--He didn't leave us afterwards. Jesus rose and ascended, and yet God is still here with us.  Sometimes this is so hard to understand...but think of my friend, who left the papers on his desk, or gave them to someone else to do so that he could be with those in need and show them God's love. 

God is here with us today.

Let us rejoice and be glad. He HAS rescued us.

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