Monday, February 8, 2016

Never Turn Your Back

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A State of Oregon website says, "Never turn your back..."

What was the website talking about?

Sneaker waves. 

No these are not waves with tennis shoes on.

They also are not any type of wave fueled by a tide. A tide is predictable. Charts are posted on beaches and in towns along waterways warning when the tide will come in.

A sneaker wave, on the other hand, gives no warning. The water soars towards the beach climbing high and higher then slaps the sand or rocks with an unsuspecting force. Beach walkers are often caught unaware. Usually they can run to safety, but there have been cases where an individual had turned their back and didn't see the danger. 

Even worse is the sneaker wave's force. It pounds down and yanks the earth/rocks out from under a person standing in the way then drags the person underwater.

Take a moment to watch the video after you finish reading this post:

The danger is epic. It's easy to see now why the Oregon website says, "Never turn your back." 

Sneaker waves can sneak into our lives in other ways. Days start and finish. Everything goes pretty well with only a few glitches. We wake in the morning and follow a typical routine. Soon we forget the importance of .....God.

Why is it that only in times of tragedy, need, or want, we think of God? Our creator. The One who loves us more than anyone ever could. The one who provides, counsels, instructs, is the Great Physician and much more.

I confess the many times I have done this. So wrapped up in my own plans, ideas, wants, and desires. Not paying attention. Turning my back on the Almighty, not intentionally..but not intentionally thinking, dwelling, meditating, immersed in Him.

God I ask your forgiveness and ask your help: Keep my thoughts on you in all I say and do. Guard my steps to walk where you lead. Inspire me to want to show your glory. Be with those who read this. Draw them to you.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: Never-turn-your-back

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