Monday, January 18, 2016

You Have Not Been Abandoned

Photo by Mary Vee

Last week two men went hiking in Scotland. 

They wore helmets, had the proper ropes and other equipment. The weather was as expected and the sun was shining. 

The men had climbed near the top of a mountain when something happened. As of yet the investigation has not determined what. The men fell. A great distance. They did not survive.

The initial reports emphasized the men appeared to have done everything right. They had all the safety equipment and appeared to have used it properly.

There are times when we manage to do everything right. We plan. Take proper precautions. Allow enough time. Then proceed. And still something unexpected happens. Something not good.

This happens to all of us. A flat tire, illness, lay off from work, etc. something comes crashing in and changes our lives.

In times like this we often say, "Why me? Why now?" And in all of our sadness and sorrow, we struggle to sense the compassion God is giving us. In Zephaniah 3:17 we are told God sings to us. He joys over us. He weeps with us and has shown us the great extent He will go to in showing His love and provision for our true needs.

I want to share with you one other event that I heard about this week. This has greatly touched my heart. Maybe you could pray for this family, too.

A young woman who is a good friend of my daughter is twenty weeks pregnant. She recently learned that her baby has fluid around her heart. "But," the doctor said, "sometimes this resolves as the pregnancy continues." A follow up visit showed fluid had built up in other areas of the baby. 

The young woman told her friends, "The doctor said there isn't much chance for our little girl to survive. But our other children, her father, and I will sing to her, talk to her, and show her all the love we have every day we know she is living. And who knows, maybe God will do a miracle in little Ruby's life." 

God is no different. He doesn't abandon us when tragedy strikes. He loves us with His whole being everyday of our lives...which includes eternity.


Caryl Kane said...

Mary thank you so much for this much needed post!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yeah...It really touched me as I wrote it. God really does love matter what the circumstances.

Angie Quantrell said...

Beautiful and heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing Mary.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I FB the young woman and told her about this post. She stopped by and this was her comment to me after reading the post: "Mary... just read and this was beautiful. God definitely loves us in the midst of our tragedies and He has not left us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with me, Mary. And thank you for including me in your blog!"

If you have a chance, this is to all the readers, pray for this little baby. I'll keep you posted.

Dan and Peggy Karsies said...

Thanks, Mary! I needed this today. I've been feeling a bit down with all that is going on with me physically and the waiting for answers (I do go today to find out results of the tests for my back). I know God still loves me and thank you for the reminder.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Peg, your back journey has been difficult. I remember you saying news would come today. I'm praying for you. Dear Jesus, please bring healing to Peggy. Guide her physicians to provide the best care. In Jesus name.