Monday, January 11, 2016

When You Are the One Surprised...

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Helping someone we know is a pretty easy task. We often set aside what we are doing to give aid. The person in need often responds with a smile. 

I love those smiles, don't you?

Usually we know the people we are helping.

But once in a while we seek out people in need. Like, serving meals at a shelter. Buying toys for Toys for Tots. Giving money to a homeless person.

We rarely see the smiles for these kind acts, but seems to find a way to help us feel the smile.

Then there are the surprises. The helping hand from someone we don't know. 

Here is my story, I responded to a notice sent out to the general public. The notice said a new agent was interested in signing new clients. He gave his background and what type of client he wanted to serve. Sounded interesting.

I responded and he seemed please with the letter. He emailed me back asking for my manuscript.

I sent the requested information and waited.

Now, typically, agents are incredibly busy people. If one or two words are given in response, clients often count themselves fortunate. 

Two weeks passed. The new agent sent me an email, "I haven't forgotten. I need more time."

Shock! I didn't expect that.

Time passed. He sent another email. He responded to my writing very positively. He said I should feel free to send him more manuscripts. But this particular story went in a different direction that he wanted for his theme. 

Yes! I was very happy and decided to take a chance by sending another email. I asked him a followup question. I wanted to know if he could suggest any other agents who might be interested in this type of story. 

Honestly, I did not expect an answer.

Two weeks later he answered my question. He gave me three steps to follow.


See, this is the kind of help I am referring to. The agent had never met me and yet he took the time to answer my question with much more than a word or two. The man was busy and had full rights to give just a word...or no answer at all.

And there are so many times when our help is not expected. No one has even asked. 

BUT  God pointed the need out to us. He let us see the person, observe the situation, and gave us the means to meet the need. Only God and us knew. No one else. No one will even know if we turn down the opportunity...except God....and our heart.

So...this week, see if God has opened an opportunity for you to help someone. In any way. Big or small. It could be a hug. A listening ear. A helping hand.

If God does give you an opportunity between now and Friday, stop back and leave a second comment and share your blessing....because you will be blessed.

This post has been brought to you by the one word-Help

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quietspirit said...

Mary: I received some unsettling news this morning. It really hit me in the chest. I posted on one of the social media sites that I needed prayer and the Lord knows why. I also sent an email to some bloggers that I am close to. I received responses from several of those I emailed and from several of my social media friends. I felt loved by all of those who responded. Just wanted to share this with you.

Mary Vee Writer said...

You're kidding? Don't you just love how the body of Christ comes together. :) God knew all along they would do that. And He is so proud of them for following through. Way cool, eh? Count me on the list of those praying for you. Love yah.