Monday, January 4, 2016

One Words for 2016 - Way Better Than Resolutions!

I chose the word fruitful because although I am doing tasks, I seem to be finding the longest way to get a job done. I'm like the kid on the playground who has to stop by each apparatus on my way home. I make a list every morning of what I hope to accomplish then set out working on the jobs. Sometimes I start this one and switch to that. The best part of the evening is seeing everything crossed off the list. 

Great ideas pop in my head, I make plans and at the end of the day, only a few have happen. I want to be fruitful in my service for God. 

I really don't want to waste a single day that God has blessed me with. Neither do I want to do a less than my stellar best for each task. The Bible says our time is like a breath. That means I need to produce fruitful service for Him.

Am I off to a perfect start? Nope. Is God helping me? Yep.

Here are some ways I hope to be working on this year's one-word

Fruitful in being a good mom.
Fruitful in being a good wife.
Fruitful in cleaning and organizing my house.
Fruitful in having a quality daily personal time with God.
Fruitful in writing quality posts on this site.
Fruitful in writing/editing my manuscripts. I had an agent say he liked my writing but  didn't       want the specific story I sent. Maybe I can write a more pleasing story this year. 
Fruitful in completing two new manuscripts this year.
Fruitful in my studies about the writing craft.
Fruitful in witnessing, comforting, encouraging, and being a good friend.

LOL-The more I listed, the more I thought of to add to my list!

So, now it's your turn.

Consider the one word you have chosen. Your homework: make a list of ways your one word can be morphed into every area of your life.

Remember the purpose of the one-word is to bring growth to your life. MISTAKES ARE ALLOWED. God is more than happy to help us all year long. Be persistent. If you make a mistake….try again. 

Your turn: 
How can your one-word be used in random situations (like my list above). Your suggestion could help someone else, so please comment.

Also, if you haven't mentioned you one-word choice yet, share in the comment section along with your email. I will make you a certificate with your word and email it to you.

Blessings everyone!

This post has been brought to you by my one word-Fruitful


Anonymous said...

my word is INHABIT. last year was FORWARD. these two in tandem touch every area of my life. i've a heart-wrenching situation within my family and yet i don't give up. i INHABIT, stand firm, hold my ground.
i INHABIT my writing, will see it through
i INHABIT the projects in my house (sifting, sorting, organizine—simplifying—not easy for an artist who can use anything!)
i INHABIT my efforts to stay healthy, and balance writing time with exercise
and ultimately, i INHABIT the praises to Father as He INHABITS with me!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Great word choice. Love how you applied it to all areas of your life!
Now....go forth.