Monday, January 25, 2016

At the Service of the King

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I recently caught an episode of a television program, yesterday. It was an rerun. The story line had jokes, was lively, and had the usual pitfalls for the characters. One line in particular caught my attention.

The character saw one of his employees struggling with a problem. He knew the issue and that it could really weigh on the employee.

This main character had his fill of issues in the past, too. The show, though, portrayed this character as one who could yank his feet through a bog to move forward. One who would not let problems hold him down. If something bad happened, he'd get up and move on.

To help his employee he said, "Don't worry about...Remember, we are here at the service of the president."

This line caught my attention.

Even today, crazy things have tried to trip me up. Some when I struggled to find the right wording for a sentence in my manuscript. I paced in my house. Got a drink of water. Walked on the treadmill...and came back to the same unfinished sentence.

Truthfully, I am writing this very blog because I stepped away from one of those manuscript sentences. Gack!!!

I came here because God morphed that character's words to not only help me get my act together, but to share it with you. "Don't worry about that sentence. You are here at the service of the King."


So, true.

Yes, I am always to try my best. But when I run into trouble, I can't allow myself to get all bothered. That doesn't help. If I have done my best--that is all God asks. I am here at the service of the King.

Let me say that again-I am here at the service of the King. The rest of what happened doesn't matter as long as I have done my best.

So today's discussion is- how can we remember that the number one job in our life--the focus of our being--the reason, purpose, goal of our day is to be at the service of the King? 

...and nothing else matters. Not our mistakes. Not our short comings. Not our failures.

We serve the King when we change stinky diapers. We serve the King when we hug a friend. We serve the King when we do our jobs, show up on time, make dinner, eat healthy, exercise, read His word, pray, go to church....this list could fill pages and pages! Can I hear an amen to that?


Are you ready?

Say with me

I am here at the service of the King.

Say it again.

I am here at the service of the King.

Yeah! Now...I'm ready to go write that sentence. What are you ready to do?

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Robin E. Mason said...

in a recent post on another blog, i was talking about new beginnings. here is a little excerpt-let:

And in this season, when I ask Him what he requires of me, He says, “write.” Doesn’t feel like work, doesn’t feel like battle, and it certainly doesn’t feel like Kingdom purpose. But that’s exactly what it is. It’s what He has purposed and planned for me to do.

whatsoever we do, do it as unto the Lord.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Good words, Robin. Thanks for sharing!